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Compare Bodybuilding and Martial Arts

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For the last many years, sports have been playing an important role in human being’s life owing to profits they make. This report will compare and contrast three aspects between Bodybuilding and Martial Arts. Those are health, figure and social benefits. First of all, both Bodybuilding and Martial Arts have the same advantages of health. By practicing regularly, all muscle, articulation and even circulatory system are exercised. Then you will eat more deliciously and sleep better.

Consequently, you will get healthy body and high resistance to sickness.

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Compare Bodybuilding and Martial Arts
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Furthermore, both sports are also food for the mind. After a busy working day, exercisers can refresh their minds through logical exercises. At that time, they don’t have to think about work, just do the sports and sometimes talk to everyone around. Secondly, figure which the two sports create is completely different. On the one hand, Bodybuilders tend to have hard, muscular body because bodybuilding consists of weight and cardiovascular exercises.

On the other hand, Martial Arts just help you get fat-reduced body.

The reason is that they are only movements of whole body. It’s not easy to have hard body like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. Finally, social benefits of the two sports differ considerably. When someone attacks you to steal something worth, Martial Arts can help you protect yourself or even the others, but Bodybuilding can’t. However, Bodybuilding is very useful for carrying heavy things when helping your family or friends.

In short, Bodybuilding and Martial Arts bring high resistance to sickness and are food for the mind. While Bodybuilders have hard, muscular body and it’s easy to carry heavy things, Martial Arts learners get fat-reduced body and can protect themselves and the others. I achieve many profits through sports especially bodybuilding. The greatest profit is that I don’t have fever once a month any more. That’s why I would like to send you this report.

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Compare Bodybuilding and Martial Arts. (2018, Jun 08). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/compare-bodybuilding-and-martial-arts-essay/

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