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Bodybuilding vs powerlifting



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    In a way going to the gym is a starting point, its what you do there that defines you. Lifting weights isn’t just being a “meathead” bodybuilding and power lifting almost becomes a science, more so in bodybuilding this rule applies. Bodybuilding is not simple picking things up and putting them down, its a science like I stated earlier this is because as body builders we follow certain rep ranges, certain form, control the tension on the muscle, strict diets, building as much muscle through hypertrophy.

    As bodybuilders when we step in the gym we usual do not have a set plan, what I mean by this is that whatever muscle is still sore we work around it to not only prevent injury but to also prevent overtraining which leads to less lean muscle gains. Bodybuilders unlike power lifters are not that interest in strength me are more so interested in increasing the amount of muscle mass on our bodies. To achieve this we perform rep ranges of 8-12 of moderate to heavy loads cause the muscle to work on endurance under constant tension, thus causing the “pump”. The “pump” is the holy grail if you will for bodybuilders its what we strive for when we are lifting, the pump is a massive rush of blood which engorges your muscles making them feel very painful and tight but also helping to bring in tons of nutrients and also breaking down the muscle which is a good thing because the repair is what actually builds the muscle. As bodybuilders we follow a strict diet and have to sacrifice going out to eat, having even the littlest bite of cake even at our own birthday part. When I say strict I mean very strict my diet consists of seven meals a day eating every two hours. The food consists of 8ounces of chicken or 90% lean ground beef, cup of veggies, two cups of brown rice. or 10 ounces of sweet potatoes. That’s about it.

    Power lifting on the other hand is almost the total opposite of bodybuilding. The reasons being are diet, and training when power lifters enter the gym is all about the weight and the ego but the truth is power lifters would probably be the men who could fight bears in the wilderness due to their strength. The reason for their hulk like strength is their training method of 3-6 reps of intense weight which is very different from the 8-12 rep range bodybuilders’ use. Power lifters aren’t concerned with building lean muscle mass what they are concerned about is picking up over 600ibs and seeing how many times they can lift it. This massive weight activates different muscle fibbers causing the body to adapt differently. The diet of a power lifter is to take in as much calories as possible which means they usual do not care for what they eat unlike the bodybuilder which diets year round to have the chiselled look that they do. Although bodybuilding and power lifting are not similar there have been people who are both power lifters and bodybuilders but one thing is for sure he is still the champ Ronnie Coleman.

    So while bodybuilding and power lifting are so different from each other they are both similar in a negative way. They both have not been fully accepted due to the drug use such as steroids. Steroids is a very controversial topic that could be discussed for days on end but truthfully steroids don’t motivate or make u wakeup at 5 am and start eating until midnight, they don’t tell you to go to the gym and work your butt off. And that is what many people don’t see, the effort and hard work beyond the drugs.

    On the left is Guy Cisternino a body builder and on the left is a power lifter derrick Poundstone.

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