Compare the gorillas behavior Essay

Similarities in observed behaviors between gorilla and humans can be explained by the anatomical and physiological make up of these two groups of primates.  For instance, gorillas and humans have two mammary glands, which both groups use for nurturing their young.  While this practice is similar, there is a difference as man continues to progress.  Some humans have diverted from this practice with the development of powdered milk.

Gorillas also have large have large cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that is essential in perception, language, attention, memory, thought and consciousness.  While gorillas do not have the capacity for language the same way humans do, they are still able to communicate in their own ways.  Perhaps they do not need to speak different languages because they look at one other as coming from the same race, unlike humans who have need for many languages because of their divisive nature.

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Compare the gorillas behavior
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Gorillas also have sensory perception that is why their courting and mating could be somewhat similar to humans.  They can feel attraction because they also have hormones similar to humans.  However, the gorilla’s cerebral cortex is not as highly developed as that of a human that’s why there are differences in the way each species act.  In the same manner, gorillas can’t be influenced by philosophical thoughts because their level of brain development has not reached the sophistication that human brains have attained.  The gorilla brain could be likened to a cassette tape while the human brain could be likened to a digital disc.  Both can record and replay but the digital disc can store more and of a better quality.  It could be said that gorillas live like humans without the trappings of civilization and progress.  They are content to remain grounded to what are basic for survival, contrary to humans who keep on searching for that elusive chance at happiness.


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