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Compare the portrayal of Creon in Oedipus the King and Antigone Sample

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    In both dramas Creon is of high societal position. In Antigone he is the male monarch of Thebes. In Oedipus the King he is the brother in jurisprudence to Oedipus and becomes king at the terminal of the drama.

    In Antigone. Creon is portrayed as a chief character as the secret plan revolves around him and his determinations as he is the King of Thebes.

    In this drama Creon’s character is irrational. as he does non obey the Laws of the Gods by condemning his son’s fiancee to a slow decease. ‘she’ll ne’er flight. she and her blood sister. the most barbarian decease. ’

    Creon’s character in Antigone shows great hubris. This is shown when he harshly punishes Antigone as she betrays him in populace. This is made far worse by the fact that she is a adult female and his son’s fiancee.

    Creon shows no attention for the Laws of the Gods. as he punishes Antigone for her brother’s entombment. which is against the God’s regulations.

    Besides he is non considerate to others. He ignores his son’s pleads to salvage Antigone. and he besides disregards her privation to bury her brothers so that they can hold a proper hereafter.

    In this drama Creon condemns others. for illustration he condemns Antigone to decease and besides accuses her sister Ismene.

    Creon’s pride quickly diminishes when he realises his incorrect behaviors. ‘Ai. dead. lost to the universe. non through your stupidity. no. my ain. This occurs when he founds out both his married woman and boy have died. At this point he loses all regard from the work forces in Thebes. even though many disagreed with his determination to forbid Polyniece’s entombment.

    At the terminal of the drama comes Creon’s ruin as loses his Crown and has to populate in agony as both his married woman and boy committed suicide. therefore some understanding is felt for him. ’

    Therefore in Antigone. Creon goes from powerful to powerless through his errors.

    In Oedipus the King Creon is a background character. i. e. the secret plan does non go around around his actions.

    In this drama Creon does non wish to be king either. which in comparing to his character in Antigone is really different. ‘Not I. I’m non the adult male to hanker for kingship. ’

    He is besides portrayed as rational. as he tells Oedipus to travel to Delphi and inquire the Oracle if the prognostication is true.

    As in Antigone. Creon is seen as proud and chesty. ‘Now all work forces sing my congratulationss. ’ He believes he is powerful. even though he is non the King.

    Creon respects the Laws of the Gods in Oedipus the King and he shames Oedipus for non making so. ‘First I wanted the God to clear up my responsibilities. ’

    Unlike in Antigone. Creon is shown as considerate. as he brings Oedipus’ kids. Antigone and Ismene. to state adieus to him before he is exiled.

    As in Antigone Creon blames others. he blames Oedipus for his ain ruin.

    Creon becomes the King of Thebes when Oedipus is exiled ; hence he becomes more proud towards the terminal of the drama and more regard from the people of Thebes.

    Unlike in Antigone. Creon goes from powerless to powerful as what he believes is right.

    In decision I think that both of Creon’s portraitures are effectual. For Creon’s character I think that in Oedipus the King is the more effectual as it shows him in a better visible radiation. powerful and correct in his beliefs. He besides is really considerate to other people’s demands ; although he is a secondary character therefore there is less response from an audience towards him.

    However for an audience I think Creon’s portraiture in Antigone provokes a far more emotional response. as you feel poignancies for him yet besides go through a phase of disfavor for the character. particularly as he is a chief character of the drama.

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