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Comparing Reactivity Of Alkanes: Discussion

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    Conclusion: When reacted with bromine water alkenes decolourise the liquid whilst alkanes do not react with the Bromine water therefore leaving it yellow.

    Discussion: Due to the cyclohexene having double bonds it is easier for the bonds to be broken than the saturated cyclohexane. Some sources of error that could have occurred would be contaminating the chemicals. This is because when the chemicals were added to the test tube they were not dropped from above the test tube as they should have been. Another source of error is not giving the cyclohexane enough time to react with the bromine water. Some improvements that could be done to this experiment is to make sure that when adding the chemicals to the test tube to add them from above the test tube.

    Another improvement would be to wait around 5 minutes so that the cyclohexane has time to react. The experiment we conducted is accurate since we have used the best equipment available, although it is not reliable as we have not repeated the experiment at all which could also count as a source of error. The experiment is valid due to the dependent variables being kept constant (Amount of chemicals being used, under same room conditions), it is also valid because the experiment tests the aim.

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