Comparison of Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2

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A Comparison of Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2 Several superhero movies have been made but none have been as amazing and awesome as Iron Man 2, including Iron Man. The expectations of the first one were too high which made it hard for them to meet up to it. Since Iron Man failed at meeting its expectations the first time around, the expectations weren’t so high which made it easier for Iron Man 2 to meet it and surpass it. Iron Man 2 is much better than Iron Man because the setting, characters and plot are more developed and intriguing than the first one.

The setting in the first Iron Man is a mystery and leaves the audience wondering and clueless about what is going to happen and what the movie is about. The setting starts off in Afghanistan where Tony Stark is with his friend, who is in the military. They are demonstrating a new missile Stark industries has created. While they are demonstrating the missile Tony Stark is ambushed and held captive by a terrorist group. They are still in Afghanistan and a fellow captive named Yinsen helps Tony Stark build and create “Iron Man”.

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The surrounding and environment that Stark and the captive are in is dark and the characters and surrounding are hard to make out. In Iron Man 2 the setting starts off in Russia and shows the audience the villain reading and watching news about Tony Stark in a dark room. The movie continues in Russia showing the audience the villain Ivan Vankobuilding a weapon or an arc reactor which he plans on using against Iron Man. The movie mostly takes place in the United States, but unlike the first one the movie also takes place in very many countries.

Another difference between the two was the technological difference. In the first Iron Man technology was still developing while in the second one technology was at its peak. The difference in the two was very noticeable and visible. In Iron Man 1 the characters were new and undeveloped. In the first one Tony Stark is betrayed by his best friend and battles with the loss and the feeling of betrayal through out the entire movie. Tony Stark is really hurt by the actions of his former friend and really takes it to the heart. In very many parts of the movie he struggles battling his own demons.

A difference between the movies is the relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. In Iron Man 1 their relationship is new and rocky. They are both not yet fully invested in the relationship. In Iron Man 2 the movie was developed and the hero was established. In this iron man the character feeling betrayed was the villain. He wanted revenge against Tony Stark even though the person he felt betrayed by was Tony Stark’s father Howard Stern. The villain Vanko decided to take it upon Tony Starks. There was also a role change between one of the characters. Terrence Howard played the role of Lt.

Colonel James Rhodes. Don Cheadle who played the role much better later replaced him. Also the relationship between Potts and Stark changed. They were both faithful and invested in the relationship. There was trust amongst them to the point where Stark was comfortable enough to let Potts lead the company during his absence. The plot of the first one lacked an interesting storyline. The movie starts off with Tony Stark in the opening scene, which hints at him being the main character. It starts off in Afghanistan where Stark is introducing a new weapon he has built named the Jericho.

Later after he is captured and successfully escapes he publicizes this suit of armor “Iron Man” and its capabilities. He starts to gain very many enemies and the plot and storyline are based on his journey and how he defeats his enemies with this suit of armor. The film lacked action and conflict. Unlike Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2 has better conflict and way more action. Iron Man 2 was also unpredictable unlike the first one. Iron Man also lacked a stable and interesting villain, which made Iron Man 2 the better of the two. It starts off in Russia where the villain Ivan Vanko is watching the news where Tony Stark is publicizing the Iron Man.

Then the movie shows the audience Vanko plotting and trying to build an arc reactor similar to Iron Man. Iron Man 2 was better than Iron Man 1 because it had better and much more conflict. Tony Stark’s journey and trying to save the world was better than him testing and discovering his new heroic abilities. Once again Iron Man 2 is much better than Iron Man 1 because the setting, characters and plot are more developed and intriguing. Several attempts have been made at making the ultimate superhero movie and Iron Man 2 has finally done it.

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