ACompare and Contrast on Batman and Iron Man

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The idea of a hero is prevalent in today’s society, with different cultures and countries having their own types of heroes. Heroes give us confidence and we can trust them. The two heroes chosen for comparison based on cultural aspect and actions are Batman and Iron Man. In Western culture, heroes are portrayed as strong, muscular individuals who fight against evil to save the world and have a girlfriend or lover. Batman is a successful businessman who acts independently, plans before he acts, and is very calm, whereas Iron Man is a weapon producer and a director of a company who is clever but sometimes acts rashly. Both heroes are wealthy and choose to be heroes, displaying masculine attributes expected of men. They change after becoming heroes, with Iron Man becoming arrogant and Batman hiding his emotions. Heroes must have exceptional powers and be physically fit, famous, and attract many women. They are not using special powers from a god, but their abilities come from what they can create. People trust heroes when they help them escape from fear.

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In today’s society, there is a wide range of hero figures. Various cultures and countries have their own unique types of heroes. These heroes instill us with confidence and engender trust. In this essay, I will compare and contrast two heroes – The Batman and Iron Man – considering their cultural aspects and actions.

The portrayal of heroes in movies is typically straightforward. They are depicted as physically fit individuals with strong muscles, fighting against villains to save the world. Additionally, they often have romantic partners. This portrayal can be seen in both Western and Asian cultures, and it emphasizes the idea of protecting and sacrificing for the ones you love, reflecting masculine characteristics.

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As an iconic figure, Batman possesses both fame and a prestigious social status. He is widely recognized as a successful entrepreneur while also serving as a heroic defender of the city. Batman boasts immense strength and an admirable physique. When apprehending criminals, he prefers to operate solo, rejecting assistance even in times of injury. His intelligence and composure allow him to meticulously strategize before executing his plans.

Iron Man, a renowned individual of high social standing, is both a weapon producer and company director. Initially, he was solely involved in creating weapons before he transformed into a superhero. Despite his intelligence, he occasionally acts impulsively without prior planning.

In western culture, heroes are individuals who provide us with the necessary inspiration and motivation to combat evil until its ultimate defeat. Traditionally, these heroes are depicted as male figures. Both Batman and Iron Man possess impressive physical strength; however, the source of their ability to save the world lies in their wealth. Being affluent and owning their own companies grants them this power.

. . or donate the money to the government, but they choose to be heroes. This demonstrates that they possess the same masculine qualities that men should exhibit in such situations. Upon becoming heroes, both Iron Man and Batman undergo a change in their personalities. Iron Man becomes somewhat arrogant while Batman starts concealing his emotions. Both characters acquire distinct masculine attributes that heroes should possess, including being physically fit, attracting the attention of numerous women, and gaining worldwide fame. Additionally, heroes are expected to possess power, which grants them exceptions from the law when they are doing what is right. As heroes, they do not rely on divine abilities; rather, their capabilities are a result of their own creations. Without their respective suits, both characters are just ordinary individuals like you and me. People trust them when they perform their duties in a proper manner that helps others overcome fear.

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