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It is easier than of all time to make a Web site with an HTML editor. as package developers continue to add tools that let you develop advanced characteristics with manner. Today’s Web authoring tools can supply the power to construct an synergistic. animated. state-of-the-art Web site suited for anything from a personal Web page to a midsize concern site. New Web interior decorators don’t need to cognize HTML to make treatment groups. pop-up Windowss. pilotage bars. animated page passages. Dynamic HTML. or a twelve other advanced characteristics in order to incorporate them into a site with an elegant and consistent design.

In this paper. three popular Web Authoring Tools will be introduced and compared. Three Web Authoring Tools are NetObejcts Fusion. Microsoft FrontPage. and Macromedia Dreamweaver. However. at that place has to be thought to maintain in head sing these comparings.

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As newer versions of each plan come out. the characteristics that each offers become more and more similar. When the first versions of each package came out. there were clearly different in the characteristics that they offer. But current versions of Microsoft FrontPage 2000. Macromedia Dreamweaver 3. and NetObjects Fusion 5. 0 now portion many common characteristics.

Types of Web Authoring Tools

Pure WYSIWYG ( What You See Is hat You Get: pronounced”wiz-ee-wig” ) editor:

With a pure WYSIWYG editor. you work wholly in an interface that resembles a desktop publication plan. These plans are best suited for those desiring a great-looking site that’s non really hard to construct. NetObjects Fusion and Drumbeat are illustrations of WYSIWYG editors.

Pure code-based editor:

With pure code-based editor. you work straight with natural HTML tickets and put your ain regulations about how to put out and form your codification. You have entire control over you code. HomeSite. HotDog Professional. HTMLed Pro. WebberActive. and WebEdit illustrations of pure code-based editors.

Compound editor ( Pure WYSIWG editors + Pure code-based editors ) :

With a compound editor. you can carry through most undertakings in a WYSIWG redacting manner but switch from the word processor-style redacting window to a beginning codification position to modify the page’s underlying HTML. Macromedia Dreamweaver. Microsoft FrontPage. QuickSite. and Ocular Page are illustrations of compound editors.

The Three Plans

1. Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 is a Web authoring tool that gives you everything you need to make and pull off precisely the site you want. whether you’re making a personal Web page or a corporate Internet or intranet site.


* Microsoft FrontPage gives you first-class control over making a site with a consistent expression and feel. Its site direction characteristics are rated the best. including a graphical position of your site.

? For screen sample:

* Microsoft FrontPage lets you see a graphical map of your site. and you can easy add pages to it from at that place. Your new page comes template the expression and experience you created for the remainder of your site. salvaging tonss of clip.

* Microsoft FrontPage lets you use any combination of text- and graphics-based layouts and pilotage tools. Graphic “themes” optionally use a consistent expression to sites’ streamers. buttons. text and background. The plan comes with 50 subjects that consist of similar elements for slugs. fount. images. pilotage bars. and other page elements.

Tutorial:hypertext transfer protocol: //www. trainingtools. com/online/FrontPage2000/index. htm

Faq: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. microsoft. com/office/enterprise/prodinfo/pi-suiteproducts. htm # Microsoft FrontPage

Sample Web site:hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bestbuy. com/

2. NetObjects Fusion

NetObjects Fusion 5. 0 is a Web authoring tool that is the solution for little concern Web sites. from be aftering. edifice. and pull offing your site to advancing and turning your online concern rapidly and efficaciously.


* It is a true WYSIWYG tool than an HTML editor. You can drag images. text. and other objects anyplace on the page and merely drop them in.

* NetObjects Fusion was the first plan to take the boring manus coding from making pixel-precise page layouts in HTML.

* The ocular NetObjects Fusion 5. 0 environment makes edifice Web sites fast and easy. You can construct or update a site by merely dragging and dropping text. artworks. and multimedia.

* NetObjects Fusion includes a dazzling set of 55 artworks manners for buttons. pilotage bars. boundary lines. and other ocular elements.

* NetObjects Fusion lets you easy transform field text links into in writing icons with a simple belongings box which you can set picks of determination. You can recycle these artworks across your site to make consistent pilotage that is fashionable every bit good. ? For screen sample:

* NetObjects Fusion besides lets you add externally created HTML pages to a site. so you can pull off them with NetObjects Fusion’s tools while redacting them with an external text editor. The interface has the quality of the top publication tool. You merely choose the objects you want to “draw” from the pallet including images. pilotage bars. applets. Shockwave files. and sound cartridge holders and put them anyplace on the page.

On-line usher:hypertext transfer protocol: //www. netobjects. com/products/html/nf5onlineguide. hypertext markup language

Faq:hypertext transfer protocol: //www. netobjects. com/products/html/nf5qa. hypertext markup language

Sample Web site:hypertext transfer protocol: //www. leasesource. com/

3. Macromedia Dreamweaver

Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 is a Web authoring tool that is the solution for professional Web site design and production.


* For hand-coding. Deamweaver calls up an external HTML beginning editor. A speedy chink of Dreamwaver’s External Editor button. and you are redacting beginning codification. Switch over back to Dreamwaver. and it integrates your alterations into the WYSIWYG position automatically.

* Macromedia Dreamweaver keeps the HTML codification you diagrammatically create every bit pristine as if you did it by manus.

* Dynamic HTML: Animation made easy. Macromedia Dreamweaver’s timelines help you make your beds on Web pages and define events to make Dynamic HTML. Producing your effects is a simple affair of dragging and dropping the browser object you want to travel.

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