Competitive Advantages of Ruby Tuesday

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This paper aims to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a restaurant and propose strategies for leveraging the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses in order to gain a competitive advantage. The restaurant possesses various advantages including stylish restaurants with ever-changing decor, online and call-in orders, online and phone reservations, premium cocktails, Ruby Tue Go service, full-service catering, and an extensive menu variety. These factors contribute significantly to their competitive edge in the market. For instance, their convenient online and call ahead service called Ruby Tue Go allows customers to pre-order their food before their lunch break and conveniently pick it up, which saves them valuable time. Moreover, the option of making reservations in advance either through phone or online helps customers avoid waiting for a table.

The Full Service Catering option at Ruby Tuesday allows customers to have their meals delivered, served, and cleaned up for any event. This service provides access to the full variety menu, which enables the restaurant to cater to a wide range of tastes. Additionally, Ruby Tuesday offers a drink menu that includes handcrafted Zero Proof cocktails, such as seasonal teas and lemonade made to order. They also have a diverse selection of Premium Cocktails, as well as a variety of beer brands available in both bottled and on-tap options. The stylish and constantly evolving decor of their restaurants creates the perfect atmosphere for enjoyable sit-down meals, whether it’s for business meetings, date nights, or guys’ night out. Keywords: Ruby Tuesdays Strengths, Weaknesses

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Some strengths of Ruby Tuesday restaurant include the ability to order pickup both from phone and online through a service called Ruby Tue GO, the availability of online and phone reservations, the option for full service catering, seating for lunch and dinner meetings, a diverse menu that includes healthy eating options, and stylish interior spaces designed to enhance your dining experience.

At this restaurant, convenience is prioritized with the option of both sit-down dining and order pick-up. Customers can choose to call ahead or order online. Ordering online provides a comprehensive menu for browsing, eliminating any uncertainties about offerings. Their curbside pickup service, Ruby Tue Go, typically has orders ready in 15 minutes, making it perfect for a satisfying lunch during a busy work day.

Furthermore, they offer both call ahead orders for pickup and reservations that can be made through phone or online. While I understand that this is a common feature in larger cities, it is unique to have such an option in my hometown with no other establishments providing reservations.

As stated on their website, they offer extensive catering services for meetings or larger gatherings. Their services include managing food and seating arrangements, as well as post-event cleanup. Customers can easily make all the necessary arrangements online and have access to the complete menu options. They cater to a wide range of events, including Business Meetings, Pharmaceutical Sales Events, Graduation Parties, Tailgating, Holiday Parties, and Baby Showers.

This restaurant stands out as a nutritious choice for individuals aiming for optimum health because not only do they offer reservations and a sophisticated dining experience, but they also have a dedicated section on their menu for healthy options. Additionally, their menu caters to various appetites with a wide range of dishes including appetizers, fresh sides, and several main course options.

Additionally, they provide a comprehensive bar service throughout their operational hours. This includes bottled beer, various types of beer on tap, and $5 premium cocktails available every day. It should be noted that the availability of these beverages may differ depending on the location, implying that certain establishments may have restrictions regarding the serving of alcoholic drinks.

All Ruby Tuesday locations have a chic interior that elevates the dining experience. They purposefully design their establishments to optimize both the staff’s efficiency in catering to customers and the customers’ enjoyment of their meals. In my town, our local Ruby Tuesdays even offers the opportunity to observe the cooking staff in action. Throughout most of the meal preparation process, you can witness what is occurring in the front area of the kitchen. Naturally, there are certain limitations on visibility.

I believe they have a competitive advantage in their market due to their strengths. They have established restaurants in small towns like mine, where they dominate the market and cater to a diverse customer base. In addition to attracting local patrons, their convenient location near a PA Turn Pike exit brings in a larger customer base than is common for small towns like ours.

Ruby Tuesdays has various programs that benefit the communities they serve, including the Ruby Tuesday Community Give Back Program. This program donates a portion of sales (20%) from customers who have a flyer from a specific organization’s event. It’s a great way to support your community since the fundraiser takes place at your local Ruby Tuesday. Since August 2011, Ruby Tuesday has donated a total of $1,577,122.69. In August 2013, they assisted numerous organizations such as The American Cancer Society, South Florida American Association of Zoo Keepers, The 21st Century Village Community Learning Center, Johnston Community College Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Mount Airy Youth Football and Cheerleading, Prescott Firefighters Charities, Practical Compassion Inc., The SPCA of Anne Arundel County, Crimestoppers of Thomasville, and many more.

Additionally, they have the Ruby Relief Fund where team members from their restaurants can contribute to support their co-workers in times of disaster. Established after the events of September 11th, 2001, the Ruby Relief Fund is a 501 (c) (3) entity that helps team members during both man-made and natural disasters.

Despite their overall high prices, the weakness I can find in their restaurants is primarily related to cost. In my hometown, they offer the Ruby’s Classic Burger for $7.79 plus tax during lunch hours, which increases to $8.29 plus tax during dinner hours. Although this burger is exceptional based on my experiences, neighboring restaurants offer more than just one burger for the same price. Regrettably, other establishments like Applebees, TGI Fridays, and Chillies provide similar offerings as Ruby Tuesday’s.

I believe that by creating a value menu, they can capitalize on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Even if it’s just a small menu with a burger priced at $2.99, fries for $1.99, and a medium drink for $1.99, I think the high sales volume they could generate would outweigh the cost of supplies required. Apart from introducing more affordable menu items, I see no issues with their current business model. In my opinion, they have successfully established themselves in the market by offering quality yet affordable dining options to all.

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