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Computers and Education

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Computers and Education
How would education be different if there were no computers existed? The incredible evolution in technology in last century has changed so many concepts of our life, and one of the major concepts changed by the development of technology is education. Technology, in other words computers, have brought so many benefits that made academic life much easier than ever. Computers are advantageous in areas, such as creating new learning approaches and being a great place to look at when looking for academic information.

computers helped us in coming up with new approaches to learning that made the mechanism of learning more interested for learners more interested. Following the traditional learning method seems to be boring for most students; students need more modern way to learn so they can enhance learning better. Computers helped teachers to come up with new ways that they could get their ideas and knowledge across to result in a better outcome. For instance, teachers can use some slides and videos that could clarify and make a point more understandable than it would be if there were no computers.

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Computers and Education
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In addition, computers raised the idea of taking online classes which was not available a few years ago. The idea of taking online classes got more people interested in learning and getting higher degree while they are home. People now can attain a degree and learn even if they are not able to go to a traditional class due to other responsibilities. Computers allowed us the opportunity to approach to learning in more interesting and suitable way that made the ultimate goal of learning more achievable.
Aside from providing different learning approaches, computers can be the best recourse for academic information. Getting to academic information is now easier and

faster than it used to be. Instead of reading several books trying to find a piece of information, learners now can do this by just typing what.

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Computers and Education. (2018, Aug 08). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/computers-and-education/

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