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Conflict Styles Task

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Section A
Conflict is the process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party. conflict styles? 1.Forcing. Also called “directing” or “competing,” forcing means you insist on getting your way. If you use forcing as a conflict resolution style too often, people will not want to enter into disagreements with you, and it may push people away. In some cases, forcing is necessary; when you are sure that your way is the only safe or effective way to proceed and you must make a decision immediately, you may need to direct the outcome.

P: Has highest risk of relationship conflict. • May damage long-term relations, reducing future problem solving. 2.Compromising, If you need to resolve a conflict more quickly, compromising might be a good solution. With compromise, each person gives a little bit up in order for the ultimate solution to be acceptable to everyone. You will not get your way entirely with compromise, so this is a style that is best to use when the answer to the problem is not of utmost importance to you.

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Conflict Styles Task
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P: Results in suboptimal solution when mutual gains are possible. 3. Avoiding, when you avoid a conflict, you allow others to handle it without your involvement. If the disagreement does not intensely concern or affect you, it may be best to simply avoid participating in the conflict at all. Another reason to avoid a conflict is if anger is involved–if you or another person is very angry, avoiding the disagreement temporarily can allow you both time to cool down. As with accommodating, it is important not to rely on avoiding conflict involving matters that do mean a lot to you. P: Doesn’t usually resolve the conflict. May increase other party’s frustration.
4.Yielding or Accommodating, means allowing the other person to make the decision. This is a good resolution when the outcome of the conflict does not matter much to you, or if you think that getting your own way is not as important as…

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