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Statement of purpose Task

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But saying that writing about one’s self is difficult.

Start a plan and list the point you want to cover.
– Why you want to study the course
– What you can bring to the course from your previous degree – Work/Experience you have in addition to your degree
– Somethings about yourself not related to Accounting, a hobby, a personal achievement – Your future aspirations

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Statement of purpose Task
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Obviously that is difficult in only 500 words. The first and second can be phrased in one sentence (positive language, non passive language).

Work/Experience & Things not related a couple of sentences. Your future a short finish to end the statement.

That is a general idea. You need to fit it a little to the question. But this is the type of structure I suggest. If you are uncertain of the language to use, don’t us every large cumbersome word you can find that is an instant give away. Use a mixture of language clear and direct, nothing colloquial or idiomatic.

Please give a short statement that describes your academic interests, purpose, objectives and motivation in undertaking this postgraduate study My decision to apply for the MArch at the Edinburgh College of Art is directly linked to my intended career plans. I wish to continue pursuing a career in Architecture, and I consider this degree to be indispensable as a means of acquiring those analytical, technical, creative and workspace skills and that theoretical and practical knowledge that will assist me with my ambition of achieving membership of the Royal Institute of British Architects. I have a very keen interest on architectural theory, creative architectural design both through traditional and modern practices, as well as issues in contemporary architectural history. I have dealt with many of these concepts in my Undergraduate education both in the context of theory and practice.

Now, I am excited by the prospect of building on that knowledge through learning and exploring a different approach to Architecture as well as engaging with unexplored territory. Indeed, the MArch at the University of Edinburgh seems to be tailor made to cover my specific needs and provide for a sound and well rounded education in an ever changing built environment. It includes a plethora of courses which specialise on my main interests (for example; Architectural Design Studio Courses, Architectural Technology Research, Contemporary Architectural Theory) and all of which can provide for a sound and well-rounded education relevant to the realities of today’s Architecture discipline. In addition, I consider the course as highly appealing due to its balanced focus on both theory and practice, and the opportunity that it provides to students to choose from flexible curriculum pathways. I consider this structure one of the most valuable aspects of the programme that allows students to specialize and obtain a deep understanding on a discipline of one’s choice. Furthermore, the opportunity to engage in practical exercises requiring the application and integration of recently acquired knowledge and innovation seems to be an invaluable experience.

At the same time, I have the strong conviction that it will equip me with valuable experiences such as the opportunity to attend public lectures and events that feature distinguished speakers and allow me to develop an intellectual ability that is more than mere training for a job. My personal aspiration is based on the process of continuous improvement and I am driven by the excitement of becoming a part of an exceptional society whose members are the very best graduates and professors. I acknowledge the reputation of the University of Edinburgh as a place of academic excellence where students are expected to test their limits. At the same time, I am confident that I have the necessary stamina and determination to raise the challenge and also contribute to the course through my thus far experiences. I hope that you will give me the privilege of extending my studies at your institution and provide me with a unique opportunity to combine education with living in one of the most cultural, historical and architecturally appealing cities of Europe. Relevant Knowledge/Training Skills

I consider that the Master of Architecture at the University of Edinburgh constitutes both a relevant match to my existing skill set and a natural progression to my thus fareducational and professional experience. Over the past four years I had the opportunity to gain a rounded and hands-on insight of the Architectural Discipline through an Undergraduate degree and a Full-time twelve month work placement. Having read for the MA Architecture at the University of Plymouth, I am currently completing my 12 month Architectural Training Course in Cyprus, where I am going through a real learning curve, gradually turning knowledge into ability. Working within a range of design teams is allowing me to gain experience across a multitude of industries (residential, commercial), where I am assisting in model making, graphic presentation, and client liaison. Furthermore, I have received training in specialist software packages such as CAD, Google SketchUp, 3DMax, and Adobe Creative suite.

Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to run a little project from beginning to end with the constant monitoring and review of my superiors. This experience is not only providing me with the insights into the world of Real life architecture and a fuller understanding of the sector from a real practitioners knowledge, but also proves to be an ideal training ground to develop and enhance broad range of skills such as the ability to elucidate client’s wishes, effective team work, communication and presentation skills. In addition, I have learned the paramount importance of soft skills in developing close relationships with third party providers and cementing existing relationships with clients. Parallel to my education and work I have always enjoyed pursuing extra-curricularactivities in a conscious effort to gain a well rounded education and development. At University I was an active member of the Plymouth Architecture and Design Society (PADS) and had the opportunity to attend various debates which featured distinguished speakers. Also, whilst at Plymouth I was a student mentor for new students of the University and I was responsible for eight mentees – a position of responsibility which fosters, I believe, important leadership and organisational skills. Throughout my training in Cyprus, I am an active member of the local Association of Architects.

The Association organises events all year round and the 2012 the theme of the conference was held by the European Forum of Architectural Policies a platform for debate between the main actors that define architectural quality. The conference constituted a forum for constructive discussions between architects and senior officials from EU Member States and was geared towards providing tools for promoting architectural quality and its impact on everyday life, and I am very proud to have been selected to produce a report on this conference, along with three of my colleagues, which was published in Cyprus’ press. My thus far and experiences have showed me a small dose of real life, which have encouraged me and provided me with the confidence that I have a sound foundation on which to base further study.

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