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Conservation Vs. Preservation:

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Conservation Vs. Preservation:

When you prevent loss, injury or other change an improvement results and that is regarded as conservation. When you save organic substances from decay through a process, it becomes preservation.

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Conservation Vs. Preservation:
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Carefully managing natural resources and environment qualifies for conservation. In Physics, certain quantities remaining static during chemical reactions are also called conservation.

The profession of preserving cultural property for posterity like examination, documentation, preventive care, and treatment particularly when supported by research and education is another form of conservation.

Activities minimizing physical deterioration and damage and help prevent loss of informational content become preservation. Prolonging the existence of cultural property is the primary goal of preservation.

Using something sparingly, the conscious effort to protect something or a plan to prevent the neglect and extinction of particular natural resources falls under conservation. For over a century, social and political groups have been growingly concerned about conservation. Conservation began with the objective of preserving valuable natural resources or some delicate e natural areas or even diminishing species of trees.

But, today conservation has expanded into wildlife reserves, and forestry, apart from water and soil.

Protecting our environmental resources focusing on keeping our world safe without loss of the magnificent variety of plant and animal species that are found across the planet is conservation. Much the same is environmentalism, except the environmentalism concentrates more on protecting and stabilizing the natural environment. Preventing pollution and conserving our natural resources are issues of environmentalism. Environmentalists urge us to practice conservation through efficient and responsible handling of the resources we employ.

The earlier generation of conservationists are credited with laying the foundation for modern environmentalism by garnering attention to the beauty and value of nature and goading us to respect this intricate system. The present environmentalism movement is a combined product of the aspects of conservation and the green movement.

Several groups, political, social and scientific together address the environmentalism movement directed at protecting our natural resources and our environment through alterations in our own behavior. Our responsibility to preserve and maintain healthy and safe environment is what they emphasize and that encompasses our own human rights to supplies of depleting natural resources.

The laws and programmes supported by the government to regulate environmental concerns is the public sector policy. Private initiative on the other hand adds some self imposed regulations in addition to the government directions, or at times, the additional regulations come from an individual rights group, whose objective is to protect the environment. Ex-situ for example is a conservation attempt wherein an endangered species or plant or animal life is on the verge of extinction. This method isolates the endangered species from its natural habitat into a stimulated environment hoping to prolong and replenish the species. How far this method has helped prevent extinction of such species is debatable.

From conserving water to recycling our garbage, individuals everywhere are a part of the environmental movement.

Preservation largely refers to keeping intact several heritage structures, unique formations, ancient manuscripts, antique books or similar objects, often inanimate in composition. The Eiffel Tower, The Egyptian mummies, The TajMahal, etc. are heritages to be preserved. In preserving these heritages, environmentalists too play a significant role because modernity has encroached on many of these heritages and since these heritages are several centuries old, the modernity alone has to flex itself to allow peaceful co-existence of the heritage in their midst.

Preservation and Conservation are perhaps only two sides of the same coin. One side representing the environmental issues together with plant and animal life, while the other represents the inanimate issues like monuments, manuscripts and other human accomplishments at varying points of time.

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