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Consumer behaviour

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This comparison is done on the basis of the good features of an advertisement 8. 1 Interior Paint Berger Paints Product Name Berger Silk Description Plywood Actress Strain Skiff showing her sexy style with the wall is so smooth live body skin nobody can live without touch of the wall once you see wall your eye will not go anywhere. Attention Factors One of famous star actress Strain Skiff is an attraction for the people which ad bring companies product more memorable to the general mass.

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Consumer behaviour
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Product Name Berger Rangoon Easy Clean Father and son made up a mess of the wall, then mom comes up and looks at their cared faces and says that its easy clean paint where walls can be washed to remove dirt without affecting the color. Attention Factor The display is quite capable of getting the attention of the common mass as we can see that the lady in the house who is generally most concerned about the cleanliness and longevity of the house takes everything casually as she knows what has been done can be undone easily.

This usually attracts the attention of the wives and even the husbands. Memorizing Factor The punch line in this display I. E “adage Jay par rang an Jay”, is quite appealing and people will remember this add for this punch line. Sentimental Appeal The casual approach of the lady shown in this act works as sentimental appeal for all women who usually are the most concerned within the family. Education Factor Just a wash can free the wall of all dust, dirt and stains.

Asian Paints Asian Paints Royal (Luxury Emulsion) USAF All Khan who was playing video game and and was unaware of the fact that there was a clash between his dog and his house butler, who was carrying some food and drinks for USAF and eventually all the food and drinks gets spilt on the walls asking a mess of it, later it could be easily wiped out because of the Teflon surface protector. Attention Factor 1) USAF All Khan a Plywood superstar 2) Less cautious nature while at home Memorizing Factor This advertisement is repeated a lot in most of the commercial and news channels which serves the memorizing factor.

Sentimental Appeal Sati All Khan a Boldly. Voodoo superstar and a member tot the royal Tamil advertising tort Asian Paints Royal. It’s a good strategy of Asian Paints to bring both the Royals together. Education Factor Because of the Teflon surface protector in the paint, the walls will not get easily damaged. Kansas Neuronal Neuronal Impressions CEO Clean In a newly painted house the husband (Shrunk Khan) is with his daughter and pregnant wife. As the paint is free of VOCE and Lead its harmless for even new born children. It is shown that any scribbling in the walls can be easily washed off I. The paint is washable. Attention Factor Firstly, as because of no fumes and pollutants in the paint it’s even safe for pregnant women as well as new born babies and secondly, paints are wash proof. Memorizing Factor It’s not a much repeated commercial as compared to Asian Paints and Berger Paints. Hence its memorizing factor is low as compared to the rest. Sentimental Appeal Appearance of King Khan in this commercial as a Brand ambassador is itself the strongest sentimental appeal compared to others for a major section of the population.

Education Factor It’s not having any side effect as it comes with low VOCE and its totally lead free. 7. 2 Exterior Paints Weather Coat All Guard Exterior Paints A girl child standing in the window and experiencing the reverse effect of rain I. E. Eater moving up back to the sky, resembling the same in case of the exterior walls where water will not percolate and damage the construction after the rains. Attention Slogans like “Reverse the effect of rain” and “7 years of warranty’ are good for gaining the attention of the viewers.

Memorizing Factor “Reverse the effect of rain” is said a numerous times within the add which will stay in mind easily. Sentimental Appeal Keeping the walls fungus free and spotless Education Factor Presence of silicon pushes water away leaving the walls spotless, fungus free, and rain proof Asian Paints Ultimatum Features or key advantages are not shown directly to the customers but through expressions and acts it is made understandable that year after year the exterior paint of the house stays without losing its color and glamour, starting from the birth of the child till marriage.

Attention Factor “7 years warranty with color stay’ this slogan which meaner that year after year the conditions of the exterior walls remain unchanged is good in attracting the attention of the viewers. Memorizing Factor 4 to 5 times when the owner of the house tries to tell about the qualities of his son to he different visitors, the visitors without giving attention to his son starts praising or complementing the paint which he has used for his exterior walls.

Sentimental Appeal No such sentimental stuffs are related to this advertisement Education Factor No such educating stuffs are related to this advertisement Neuronal Excel Exterior Paint Son was trying to take a rotten apple then mom comes up and says which is rotten from outside its even rotten from inside, now the brand ambassador SIR comes up and says that the same is the case with the house (directing towards their house which presents a shabby look from outside) so put neuronal paints to keep our house safe from outside which will automatically keep it safe from inside, using the key words like anti germs, anti allergy and anti pollution.

Attention Factor Tat Germs Anti Allergy Anti Pollution No Harmful Fumes The comparison shown between the rotten apple and the house. Sentimental Appeal The plywood star Shah Rush Khan giving promotion to any product will itself have a sentimental appeal for a major section of the Indian population. Education Factor Tagged as Healthy home paints (low VOCE and Lead Free)

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Consumer behaviour. (2017, Aug 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/consumer-behaviour/

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