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Cooper Pharmaceuticals

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Cooper Pharmaceuticals Inc (CPI) is a major manufacturer for the dental and medical practices in the United States. Their ultimate goal is to remain the largest drug manufacturer and meet the sales quotas. CPI has strong ethical policies that they want to keep that have shaped the companies’ reputation. In hiring Bob Marsh, they were meeting their goals and retaining great customer relationships. After 12 years of service, Bob Marsh was struggling to adapt to the short-term district managers whom each wanted something different from him.

To accomplish these goals CPI needs to focus on creating a lasting relationship with the consumers as Bob Marsh did. If they do so, sales quotas will be met and they will remain one of the largest prescription drug manufacturers. They also need to abide by their policies by writing down what is expected and create more training programs for the district managers.

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It is possible that CPI will remain on the downward track that it is on and reshape its reputation.

If CPI remains the same, they may have to face the consequences of not meeting sales quotas because their relationship with the customer is more about the product being promoted then the customer’s need. By doing so, they are damaging their reputation of being an ethical company and their policies will become non-existent.


CPI will develop a lasting relationship with the consumers by selling prescription drugs that meet their needs. They will also benefit from having Bob Marsh as a sales representative in the Toledo, Ohio location. They will keep their reputation of an ethical company by putting their policies on paper and creating more training for district managers that are new or being transferred. All employees need to be on the same page to be able to work as an effective team.

Cooper Pharmaceuticals struggles with short-term inconsistent managers that do not understand the value of a consumers trust. The district managers are unwilling to learn to understand what Bob Marsh’s tactics are in building and retaining trust with the customers. Bob Marsh’s salary is not based on his hard work, but of the time spent with the company. This over-time has caused lack of motivation and unwillingness to promote new products. 1. District managers are short-term.

Bob Marsh had six new district managers in a total of twelve years with CPI. The longest time a district manager was in the same district was five years. The new, young district managers did not take the time to understand Marsh’s strategy. The new district managers came in with new ideas and different ways of doing things. Each one wanted something different from Marsh. Marsh did the best with the first two district managers who stayed the longest. 2. Cooper Pharmaceuticals over-time changed their ethics policy of which they had built their foundation on. As the new managers came in, they began pushing products that may not benefit the customers instead of focusing on what the customers really needed. The managers also viewed Marsh’s file before meeting him and got the wrong perception of him, which in turn made them unwilling to work with him. 3. Bob Marsh’s salary was based on time.

It didn’t matter how well Marsh did, he still would receive a salary raise based on how long he was with a company. Even if Marsh worked extremely hard and met sales quotas, he would not be rewarded based off of his hard work. 4. Bob Marsh wanted to have his own agenda and do his own promotions. Bob Marsh had been doing this type of work for years so he already knew many of the customers. He did not feel the need to push products that were not going to benefit the customers so instead he tried to promote what he thought would fulfill their needs best. Cooper Pharmaceuticals suffered because they did not want to hear any feedback. They wanted to do it their way and promote what new product they thought needed to be promoted. 5) No training for District Managers

As the years went on, Cooper pharmaceuticals had younger, more inexperienced district managers. Each one had a bright new idea for CPI and the way Marsh did his business was not accepted. Why did they not have training first before becoming a district manager? They should have all been following the same policies and procedures.


Cooper Pharmaceuticals needs to train their district managers before they are assigned to a district. The district managers then need to remain at that location for 3-5 years to gain knowledge and understanding from the sales representatives and customers. Bob Marsh and other sales representatives need to be rewarded a bonus based off of their sales on product promotions. 1) Cooper Pharmaceuticals needs to have a set time period for how long a district manager needs to stay in their district before they can be transferred. Each district manager should be required to stay 3-5 years depending on experience. This gives them enough time to get to know the sales representative and how they work along with knowing what kind of products would benefit the consumers the most.

2) Cooper Pharmaceuticals needs to have their policies written down on paper. They built an ethical foundation that gained customers trust right from the get go. They need to go by their ethical standards and have it wrote down so that everyone who works for them has to follow the policies and represent CPI in the right way. If company policies were written out it would help prevent the district managers and sales representatives from misusing the company policies. 3) Bob Marsh should be receiving commission based on his sales. Basing some of Marsh’s salary off of 15% of his sales would help motivate Marsh to reach the sales quotas. It would also benefit the company because Marsh would feel appreciated and work harder to help the company succeed in sales. If Marsh was to not meet his sales quota then he would not get as much pay. This would help the company to better gage how well Marsh is doing in his sales. If CPI wants Marsh to sell promotional products that he doesn’t in particular want to sell then they should offer him money for selling them.

They need to give some kind of motivation so that he wants to sell the product. 4) Cooper Pharmaceuticals needs to listen to their feedback. The value of listening is huge in a business. If CPI really wants to retain their customers and gain their trust, they need to listen to what their needs are. Marsh had a way of listening that CPI did not recognize and that is why the customers liked him so well. He already knew the customers so he did not need to write down information about them. If CPI wants to keep their trusting reputation they need to listen to feedback.

E-mailing out surveys of how the detailers visits are going along with what new products they are impressed with would be a great way to receive feedback from customers about what they do and don’t like. 5) Before district managers are transferred to a location they need to go through a training program. To keep the company policies and stay consistent with the consumers, CPI needs to organize a district manager training program. This would put all the district managers on the same page so that there is no confusion for the sales representatives.

Situation Analysis
The main recommendation is to have the district managers remain in one district location for 3-5 years based on their experience. If Cooper Pharmaceuticals is able to do this the district managers will be able to get to know the sale representative and understand what kind of relationship they have with the customers. The district manager will also be able to better understand the customer’s needs and be able to promote the right product based on their needs. To keep an outstanding reputation of being an ethical company, CPI needs to have their policies written down on paper. These policies need to be available for all company employees. All employees need to be trained according to the policies so that everyone knows what is expected of them. This way when the new, younger and inexperienced district managers come in they will not have different expectations for the sales representatives and try to push every new idea that they have. This will keep the company consistent with their policies.

Bob Marsh would have continued to work hard and do his best if he had be rewarded for what he was doing. By giving him a 15% bonus based on his sales it would drive and motivate him to sale to product promotions and meet sales quotas. Bob Marsh needed to feel appreciated in order to keep a good attitude and willingness to learn. Cooper Pharmaceuticals would benefit from listening to their feedback because if customers are unhappy then CPI could change or fix the situation so that they are satisfying the needs of their customers. Companies that do not listen to the feedback coming in remain on the same path and eventually suffer from unhappy customers.

CPI can also benefit from feedback from their employees. If Bob Marsh could have spoken up and explained why he conducted sales the way that he did then CPI could have benefited from his continuing growth in sales. District managers need to go through a training program before they are promoted to district manager and also before they are transferred to a new location. A training program would ensure that all the district managers are on the same page and expect the same from their sales representatives. It would also help to remind all of the employees on the company policies that are important to CPI.

In conclusion, with district managers staying in the same location for 3-5 years, the proper training of employees, up to 15% bonus based on sales for sales representatives and listening to customer feedback, Cooper Pharmaceuticals will succeed by meeting sales quotas and retaining a lasting relationship with consumers. By hiring Bob Marsh back on as a sales representative CPI will benefit from his 12 years of experience and his relationships with the customers. This will also let customers know that CPI does listen to their feedback. District managers will focus on what is expected of them and what they can do to help the sales representatives reach the sales quota while retaining the ethical standards that the company was built on.

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