Corporate Governance And The Audit Committee Accounting

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The demand of gaining increased by publically traded companies concerned with allegations of fiscal statement fraud and deficiency of responsible corporate administration of high-profile companies ( e.g. Enron, Global Crossing, WorldCom, Adelphia ) has sharpened the of all time increasing attending on corporate administration in general and the audit commission in peculiar. The audit commission ‘s map has evolved over the old ages and now with recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Committee ( BRC, 1999 ) and the new regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC, 1999 ) and organized stock exchanges ( e.g. New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) , American Stock Exchange ( AMEX ) , National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation NASDAQ ) , it is viewed as an inadvertence map of corporate administration, fiscal coverage procedure, internal control construction, and audit maps. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, besides known as “ Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002, ” has expanded the formal duties of audit commissions [ 1 ] . These expanded duties of audit commissions should be specified in both audit commission charters and studies. Yet, until late, there was non a common position of what an audit commission charter includes, what it should accomplish, and whether to include the study by the audit commission in one-year studies. The position of the audit commission study has evolved from non being to voluntarily and now compulsory for publically traded companies under the SEC legal power in the USA.

Information Technology ( IT ) has caused the accounting profession to alter at a rapid gait during the last 40 old ages. Indeed, engineering is so permeant in the accounting profession that it would be hard for many companies to run into their accounting and fiscal coverage aims without utilizing engineering. As a consequence, IT audit and control constructs play a really of import function in the current concern environment. Consequently, the demand for accounting pupils to understand IT scrutinizing constructs has evolved to a point that warrants required coverage of IT audit constructs in the accounting course of study.

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Research Questions

Research Aims

Literature reappraisal

The ability to growing of IT is responsible for concerns of all sizes to obtain a competitory advantage have led to a dramatic addition in the usage of IT systems to arise procedure, shop and communicate information. Today, the demand of IT employees and IT systems increased in their day-to-day activities. Now the promotion in the IT which has replaced the Traditional paper with Electronic records because it is an efficient usage to salvage the record for good. In fact, there are few company do n’t relay on IT to at least some extent to accomplish their fiscal coverage, operating and conformity aims. As a consequence, it is found really frequently to happen individually that IT usage does non besides affect its independent audit.1

The foundations of scrutinizing depend upon the competency, independency, and due professional attention which are affect the quality and the value of an audit. In today ‘s environment, it is apparent that audit is progressively digital in nature, which led to competency and due professional attention have taken on a new and different character. Competence relates with an hearer ‘s proficient ability to detect a material misstatement in the fiscal statements and is a map of instruction, preparation, and experience. Technical ability of an hearer is responsible to roll up grounds to back up the audit sentiment and weigh it in order to find if the grounds is sufficient and dependable that led to dramatic alterations in information engineering have changed the really nature of the grounds of minutess and have created a challenge for the audit profession to keep its competency. The amendment in the usage of information engineering by concern have had a profound consequence on accounting and auditing because these records are about universally recorded, processed, and reported digitally.2

IT control handles the overall controls construction that is concurrence with manual or user control processs to pull off concern hazard. The thought of audit has been evolved in twenty-first century as an internal audit section or external hearer demands to be driven by a shared appraisal of the entity ‘s concern hazards used by both fiscal and IT auditors.3

The U.S. General Accounting Office ( GAO ) and the National State Auditors Association

( NSAA ) published a usher to assist province authorities bureaus build the information

security ( IS ) audit capablenesss and accomplishments that many are missing in the face of turning

security menaces. Harmonizing to the papers, Management Planning Guide for

Information Systems Security Auditing, province bureaus ‘ increasing dependance on

information engineering and the Internet has revealed them to greater security hazards. Yet,

many bureaus has a deficiency of basic information-security programs, policies, controls, and

accomplishments. It is the failing of province authorities hearers to Understand engineering,

Harmonizing to a skills-assessment study of province authorities audit bureaus conducted

by GAO and NSAA in spring 2001. Survey show that, overall, hearer had to confront

job to understand the engineerings they audited. In 55 out of 75 proficient

classs, more than 40 per centum of respondents wanted more preparation or experience in

those countries of technology.4 as the connectivity increased between the people that is

responsible for the internal hearer to demo the more exposure to IT systems than in the

consequences past. Technology plays a critical function in the field of IT that led to modern

organisations map, and it has become integrated to the grade that virtually every

type of audit requires at least some consideration of IT issues. Whereas engineering was

one time considered the sphere of specialised IT hearers, it is now the concern of all

hearers, including audit generalists.5

E-Business introduces new challenges to conventional external hearers and the audit profession. Therefore, conventional manual audit techniques are the oldest technique to carry on the internal audit that is unequal for the electronic age. External hearers need to understand how the advanced engineering affects their audit procedure. They besides need to get the necessary cognition and accomplishments about this engineering to be able to cover with the audit of electronic minutess on a day-to-day footing utilizing uninterrupted audit approaches.6

As the growing of enterprise- broad computer science increased that led to confront the jobs audit of year-end fiscal statements. Paper trails and control checkpoints that were one time standard for an audit house are now available merely in electronic signifier. If traditional methods of proving controls continue to be used, important hazards may travel stop up. When we are covering with advanced information systems, the hearer may non be able to cut down sensing hazard to an acceptable degree by trusting entirely on substantial trials. Auditing criterions require that if the client uses engineering to treat informations the technological substructure must be audited. Testing of sophisticated controls including firewalls, encoding of sensitive information, watchwords, and hallmark of electronic images may be necessary when covering with electronic evidence.7

IT has had a profound influence on companies and their hearers are in fixing fiscal statements. Some organisation follow the Information Technology for the internal audit while few organisations do non utilize IT at least to keep the general leger, and most entities have automated the procedure of come ining dealing sums and accommodations ( including journal entries ) into the general leger and fixing fiscal statements. In the old yearss the hearer examine manually prepared cash-receipt diaries and cheque registries, hint monthly sums to handwritten entries in the general leger ( noting erasures or alterations ) and analyze manually prepared worksheets uniting general leger histories for the first pencil bill of exchange of the fiscal statements.8

Information engineering plays an of import function in an hearer ‘s appraisal of fiscal coverage controls. It is concluding demand of the different establishments to fix accounting statement particularly it required by Sarbanes-Oxley. In the terminal we wind up the system it is compulsory for the companies to look into out their concern units from every corner and in order to accomplish this intent they must upgrade their system by utilizing IT dependant, automatic every bit good as manual, it must develop relation between each and every units. The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board ( PCAOB ) Auditing Standard No. 2 provinces: those companies which are straight linked with information engineering can acquire better internal control and their fiscal statements would be more accurate. The PCAOB criterion incorporates by mentions scrutinizing criterions which discuss the consequence of information engineering on internal control over fiscal coverage.

Technology plays an of import function in most concerns. Recent ordinances have highlighted the importance of IT controls every bit good as the duty to scrutinize such controls. Consequently, comptrollers and hearers need to understand IT audit and control constructs.

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board ( PCAOB ) Auditing Standard No. 2 provinces: it has been observed in different surveies that those companies which are straight linked with information engineering give better consequence and fix accurate fiscal statements due to its tight internal control.10 The PCAOB criterion incorporates by mentions scrutinizing criterions which discuss the consequence of information engineering on internal control over fiscal reporting.11

Technology plays an of import function in most concerns. Recent ordinances have highlighted the importance of IT controls every bit good as the duty to scrutinize such controls. Consequently, comptrollers and hearers need to understand IT audit and control constructs.

Theoretical model

Corporate Administration is that in which we place the construction, procedures and mechanisms by which concern and personal businesss of the company or house are directed and managed, in order to heighten long term stockholder value through answerability of directors and heightening steadfast public presentation. In other words, through such construction, procedures and mechanisms, the well-known bureau job, bureau job occurs because the direction of the corporation and proprietor of the corporation are separated with each other, proprietors elect board of manager and board of managers hires direction on behalf of proprietor – the separation of ownership ( by stockholders ) and control ( by directors ) which gives rise to struggle of involvements within a house may be addressed such that the involvement of the directors are more aligned with that of stockholders.

In recent old ages, the corporate dirts, some of which are still unfolding, affecting high incidence of improper activities of directors expropriating the resources of a house at the ultimate disbursal of stockholders prompt the intense redirect examination and examination of some of the bing corporate administration patterns and besides considerable involvement in empirical research on the effectivity of assorted corporate administration establishments and mechanisms.

This system plays a critical function in the development of the organisations because it secure the company ‘s fiscal statements systems, as we know that every organisation strives to derive the assurance of its stock holder and to maximise their wealth. If any company is seeking to increase its net incomes and that is the ultimate intent of every organisation so it would positively impact portion holders wealth. Through this system organisation become successful to achieve their intent and most of import thing is that it helps organisations to cut down bureau cost. As we know really good that corporation is such type of concern organisation in which proprietors of the concern has no control over their concern, direction looks every affair of organisation. Sometimes it creates struggles when stockholders suspect that direction is non executing harmonizing to their involvement and that causes bureau costs. But with the outgrowth of this system, it has reduced this job at satisfactory degree.

If a company is set uping its system utilizing wholly IT base and its all controls are checked through that system, it is known as information engineering or information system audit. it has been observed in many instances that companies that have applied this system they can easy procure their assets, informations can easy be integrated, their efficiency towards runing their concern is much more higher. These all facts validate the IT audit system. All maps are carried on by fall ining accounting statements, internal audit and other of import concern operations. Another name of information engineering audit is automated informations processing every bit good as computing machine audit. Initially when this construct emerged in the universe this construct was know electronic informations treating audits.

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