The student nonviolent coordinating committee’s goals included

Teenagers are being driven to the danger by the stress they infected. Life needs exertion to run easily into it which can be baffled somehow for human beings. Additionally, the way of dealing with life is different from dealing with each category, nevertheless, the hardest age to cope with stress is adolescence. Moreover, some difficulties can be faced by the teenagers who are amenTABLE to stress. The main causes of teenagers stress can be in first inside home and then outside home. The behaves of teenagers with the surrounding at home causes a lot of stress.

Unless parents are the responsible about teenagers, hey give them the hard time. Parents think that they follow the right way which is demoralized for teenagers among this age. In the hand, also teenagers are being stressed outside home. As a reason, members of society around which covers school and neighborhood that include friends of teens are causes of stress. To recap, teenagers can come out with so harmful stress which is caused by the members who are at home or outside home. Eliminating teenagers stress can be aggravated to put them into terrible consequences. In certain, there are many psychological factors which affects on teenagers.

For instance, being frustration which means they can not control a situation or achieve something. The other thing that can be affected on teenagers is social factors which acts a big part. Furthermore, stress can change the person from positive to negative which is confused teens to lose the ways of doing the true. To sum up, teenagers stress come of some of the reasons that can create a lot of negative influences in the lives of teenagers. In fact, adolescence’s lives will remain a bit difficult to live without stress. Although, there is some hope that we find solution to this problem for getting rid of it.

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