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Couses & Effects Of Stress

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Stress is very big problem that people face nowadays. It can couse many different problems. Some people can commit suicide if they feel very stressful. Stress can happen for a person who has a lot of work to do or for a person who works in the same place for along time.

First of all, there are many kind of stress. There are good stress and bad stress. The good stress si like for studying or the person who is ambitios to achieve something.

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Couses & Effects Of Stress
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And the bad stress is like for example staying in the office for along time or a pliceman controling trrafic or something similar. This kind of stress couse many problems to lots of people specily the policemen, the firefaighter.

Secondly, the people who works in army. More than 300 soilders commit suicide in the united state army alst year. That was the effect of stress and the result of the pressure they have gotten from the government. Also the studying abroud is one reason of stress because you live in a different country, people, culture, etc.

So it makes you worried and nervous until you adapt to the new lifestyle.

In conclusion, all people are likely to face stress in their life, in their family, work place and school. So I suggest that stressful people should control the stress. It is easy to control yourself if you can control your anger. The anger is the biggest problem of the stress. If you can control the anger you will have ability to comedown if you feel stress. You must see to futture and treate with a problems anytime you face it and always by positive ways.

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Couses & Effects Of Stress. (2018, Sep 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/couses-effects-of-stress/

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