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Criminal justice resume examples

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It has always been my dream to be in law enforcement. I am taking this class in hopes that it will prepare me to pursue this career. I’ve wanted to pursue this career for as long as can remember. My Father was in the Armed Services and so was his Father. I would like to keep the tradition going. My Father was an aircraft mechanic, but myself, would like to explore the duties of the Military Police and this class will give me a better understanding of hat it would entail.

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Criminal justice resume examples
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The main reason want to pursue this career is to help people and to serve and protect the Military population. Some of the things I may be required to do in my job could include writing traffic citations, investigating criminal activity, participating in community awareness programs such as D. A. R. E program. One of the most important responsibilities of this profession is to establish a good working relationship with the public.

Another aspect of this career that appeals to me is the excitement of the job. Each day will bring new challenges and situations I most likely have never faced before. It is a career that I would learn something new everyday about myself and the people serve. It would be my sincere desire to have a positive influence on the people serve. Another important reason I want to pursue this career in the Air Force, is the job security in the civilian world and after my Air Force career has come to n end.

In today’s economy, job security is essential to ensuring I can provide for myself and my family. There will always be a demand for police officers and law enforcement officials. After fulfilling the duties of my country, will still have a rewarding career in law enforcement. I would like to take this opportunity to thank for giving me the chance to apply for this class. It is my sincere hope that will be accepted to this program so that I can begin to pursue my dreams and goals.

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