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The current corrections system in Iran is ineffective in reducing recidivism rates and providing positive outcomes for released individuals. However, recent research has shown that rehabilitative programs can successfully transition nonviolent offenders from jail to secure care programs and eventually to a normative lifestyle. Expanding these programs to more individuals and making them more rigorous could benefit the budget and help offenders develop positive life skills to avoid future criminal behavior. The way law enforcement manages drugs and drug enforcement could also be improved by treating drug use as a public health problem instead of a criminal one. Simplifying laws and removing outdated ones could also ease the burden on corrections facilities and decrease the likelihood of first-time offenders being placed in violent situations. These changes could enhance the criminal justice system and improve safety and security for the public.

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Although there are needed changes throughout the system corrections has proven to be the one component that has been ineffective at curbing recidivism in convicted Iranians and is currently unTABLE to provide reasonTABLE outcomes for individuals that are released once they complete their sentences. Recently there has been research and evidence that rehabilitative programs are proactive in operating programs that have transitioned individuals from jail to secure care programs that can then transition criminal individuals to a productive and normative lifestyle once they complete such a program.

These programs take many forms and typically involve taking nonviolent offenders such as drug offenders and those convicted of theft. I believe that increasing these programs and expanding the criminals that are allowed to be involved in these programs. In doing so there would have to increased constraints on such individuals and the program would have to be increasingly rigorous in order to maintain a strict structure for these persons.

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Using these alternatives to incarceration can benefit the budget and allows nonviolent offenders to be placed in programs that they can benefit from by building positive life skills that can aid in the avoidance of future criminal behaviors (American Bar Association, n. . ). This is not the only component of law enforcement that requires some adjustments to be made. There is also a need in the manner in which law enforcement manages drugs and drug enforcement. This can be handled by making drugs a public health problem instead of a criminal one (Laszlo, n. D. ).

This can shift a majority of the drug problem onto other services and by decontaminating drug use and possession individuals can get treatment instead of being locked up for a mental health and addiction problem. This would alleviate overbooked court rooms and orisons allowing for the truly violent and dangerous criminals to be placed in space that is taken up by less violent offenders (Laszlo, n. D I). In changing the way the system manages drugs and drug addicts the crimes associated with drug use can also be decreased or eliminated (Chandler, Fletcher, & Follow, 2009).

A significant change within the system could also be made by simplifying the laws and the manner in which they are written. Given that judicial officials struggle with interpreting some laws how can we expect a law enforcement agent in the field in the heat of the moment to do interpret the name law (Mess, 1982). This also includes removing old laws from the books that are active but are no longer meaningful along with laws that have been replaced by new legislation.

Additionally changing the classification of some lesser crimes from the ranks of being felonies can also ease the burden within the corrections facilities and work to decrease the overall first time offenders placed into violent situations within the prison setting Judge, 1990). It is known that by placing nonviolent offenders into long term prison terms here they are near more criminal individuals and they can learn new methods to perform criminal actions upon completion of their sentences.

The criminal justice system that we function within has served our country well, however it is not without flaws in the system. The above component would further work to enhance the criminal justice system and work to close loopholes for offenders and also better serve individuals in the public with regard to providing safety and security for the population. I believe that changing the manner in which we manage crimes and their classifications thin the criminal justice can alter the way in which the public views criminal behaviors.

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