Critical Thinking Worldview Assignment

Critical Thinking Assignment

Part I.
“The Secular Humanism Worldview believes that there is no God and that life on earth is by total coincidence.” They believe that 4.5 Billion Years ago that the earth was created straight out of nowhere. They believe that mankind is made up of chemicals and matter that formed over billions of years and what came about is what we have surrounded us today. In other words “Evolution.” In a nutshell, everything that has to do with God’s creation is not supported by any evidence to support supernatural existence. In the eyes of secular humanism is that we have the same purpose as any other life form and we are no greater in value than the animal kingdom. Although, their belief is that we have more ways of gaining more than anything else is: Learning and Intelligence. It’s our belief that we do everything different than animals and species when it comes to gaining knowledge. We learned to record things in images, abstract languages, and symbols. According to secular humanism mankind does not have a real purpose or reason for existence because of the product of evolutionary forces.

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Mankind competes towards each other for power and spouses, because of all our unique genes and ideas. In terms of competing with one another we work together to have success and survive in our world. Secular Humanism’s morality first start with the inner values of their inner being. They feel that they feel they must value themselves before anything or anyone else: then they can value everyone around them or in their lives: friends, family, and/or spouses. The Closest ones to them first and next they value their community and tribes. “Then duties towards state and countries.” Among the naturalistic theories there is no consensus. The category of relativism is where they fall, because there is no absolute truth. The truth depends on individual or society and is subject to change. Meaning, what is right today could definitely be wrong. In Naturalism diversity exist. They are not interested in life after death, since death is the conclusion. Because when a person dies they can’t function as they once did, so the process of decomposition starts to take its place and only thing that lives on is the impact that one has had on others in society. Secular Humanism even thinks that they will leave a legacy, but they just won’t exist. Part II.

The secular humanism and Christian views have 2 totally different about the existence of everything, the Christian worldview believes God was our creator, while secular humanism believes matter has always existed and with nature and time it has just progressed. Secular Humanism believes no evidence that there is a God and their existence is through evolution. In the Christian worldview humans were created to be animal caretakers, while Secular Humanism has the belief that their more sophisticated animals. Once again the Christian Worldview and the Secular Humanism has (2) totally different beliefs. While Christians were above the animals and below the angels in creation a Secular Humanist thinks they have evolved from the same animals that God created in the Christian beliefs. There is no higher power to Secular Humanist, they believe their life is purposeless. From a Christian Worldview we believe that we have a purpose and it is to have an intimate and loving relationship with God. In order for us to be saved by Jesus, we must know that our God and have a relationship with him through Jesus Christ, The Son of God. Christians believe that after you die, you either retreat in heaven or hell. If you trust in and believe the Bible and our Lord, God, then your eternity will be spent in heaven with God in Heaven. However, if you have alternate beliefs and don’t believe or have a relationship with God, then you will spend your eternity in Hell, away from the Lord and be punished for your sins. Secular Humanists believes that your body decomposes and life is now over. According to the Christian Worldview, Secular Humanists will spend eternity in Hell.


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