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Assignment For Organisational Behaviour

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This is your chance to show your critical thinking abilities. ) 4. The case studies you will use to tell your story. 5. The experts you would like to include as ‘talking heads’ (these will be taken from the literature on the subject, rather than your being expected to conduct actual interviews) 6. A ‘storyboard’ for the documentary (what will we actually see? You can use powering or keynote for this). Example Title: Management Goes to the Movies The pitch: This documentary shows how Holly.

‘DOD has often been fascinated by what goes on in large companies. It will investigate the power, passion and ileitis behind some high grossing films.

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Assignment For Organisational Behaviour
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POP -Hollywood films are deeply conservative and seldom trouble received views of business and management. They typically show leaders as heroes. They seldom question the dominance of managerial unless it is to attack the bad apples – the rogue firms which spoil Free Market ideology for the majority of good companies. As there have been an increasing number of financial scandals, the movie industry has produced an increasing number of films about corporate malpractice and how perpetrators are brought to justice, an example of the capitalism’s self-regulating behavior.

The individual is seen to be caught up in the desire for wealth and status and the realization that their own personal integrity is being compromised. [The is a critical management studies point of view] Case studies Sabina(1954 and 1994) In this, both the original and the 1994 remake), the beautiful and vivacious heroine comes to value the solidity and wisdom of the older and duller brother over the charms of the dashing and romantic but irresponsible younger brother, and to understand the responsibilities of the older brother in running the family firm and therefore being the provider for OTOH family and employees.

This film could be read as the battle for the soul of the corporate workforce, showing why they should love and respect the established leader and become a dutiful member of the workforce rather than living a carefree but irresponsible life outside the firm. It also demonstrates that the older brother, while not as physically attractive is more desirable than his handsome brother because of his power and strong sense of duty and responsibility.

Finally, the 1954 version is a celebration of the corporation as a place of opportunity and creativity. Working Girl (1988) This film is a celebration of the American Dream – the idea that anyone can become president on wit, determination, intelligence and hard work. The lowly PA in this film overcomes the cheating behavior of her powerful boss who steals her idea and goes on to be a huge success in the mergers and acquisitions department of a Wall Street investment bank.

The film has a slightly dubious stance on women in business – the heroine, Tees, is a rather slut woman and her boss, Katharine, who is more patrician woman, is shown as vain, self- centered and dishonest. Kate also needs the help of a handsome older man tit whom she becomes sexually involved to win the day. She also succeeds by impersonating her boss and therefore behaving unethically herself. However, the film celebrates corporate power and the wealth and success that comes with it.

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