Cultural Differences in Business

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Patrick Watson was a alumnus from a well-known university. He has a major in Industrial Management with a first category grade. He was capable in pass oning bilingual linguistic communication, which are English and minor Gallic.

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After he graduated, Patrick went for an internship in the entry degree direction developing place with Tube International Company. He is well-known in the company for acquiring the work done and have a good relationship with his working co-workers. As a consequence, he was promoted by the company from a Manager Trainee to a place of Assistant Plane Superintendent. After two old ages of service, he was assigned to take a foreign undertaking which means a publicity for him. He was assigned to Haiti without any readying.

Haiti has two linguistic communications:

-Haitian Creole ( besides known as Kreyol )


Kreyol is spoken by 100 per centum of the Haitians, while approximately 6 to 10 per centum of Haitians can talk Gallic. Kreyol is a mixture of Gallic and the African languages that Haitian slaves spoke. It is falsely described as a Gallic idiom or worse, as broken Gallic. Many Haitians identify themselves as Gallic talkers when they are non genuinely fluid in the linguistic communication. Even after Haiti became independent, Gallic has been the linguistic communication of authorities and of power for most of Haitis history( Valdman, 1984 ) .This may make jobs, for illustration, Haitian pupils in the U.S. are misdiagnosed as holding mental disablements because they are tested in linguistic communications they have non mastered ( such as English ) .

Upon geting in Haiti, Patrick tried his ability in talking Gallic. However, the consequence was beyond his outlook. The linguistic communication that they are talking, was non a prevailing Gallic. Prior to populating in Haiti for a hebdomad, he encounter a misunderstanding communicating with the employee. As a consequence, he became disillusioned and lost involvement in go oning the undertaking.

In this study, our group are traveling to lucubrate the job that Patrick is confronting and how he can get the better of this struggle.

Question 1

What jobs that Patrick non anticipated when he took the assignment?

Culture Daze

First job that Patrick will confront is civilization daze as he experience unfamiliar manner of life and lingual differences at the works in Haiti due to the people from the works could non talk pure Gallic and the manner that the people that greeted him with a risque look and different tone that Patrick ne’er heard before. Haitian civilization is distinguishable and less familiar to Americans than other cultural groups. Haiti’s population is 95 % made up of African posterities. The estimated population is 8 million. Haitians are really concerned with the intervention of Haitian refugees in America ( Policy of returning Haitians but non Cubans ) .

Over Assurance

Over assurance is a individual who thinks his sense of way is much better than it really is. In another words, assurance is comparatively high. Patrick was a first category pupil and he learned French as a child. He was over confident that he able to pass on good with the employees and will non hold any job about life and working in Haiti. The facts are the Gallic that Patrick learn earlier is different intending to the employees of the works. This job has made misconstruing a few times until the employees have limit their communicating to him.

Lack of Orientation

The deficiency of orientation. Orientation is a plan that is carried out by the company to inform elaborate information sing the company and the occupations. The chief end in making an orientation is to do certain that the employees know the overall background of the company. Making new employees feel welcome and doing them comfy to work in that working topographic point is another of import facet.

Social Adaptability

The failure of Patrick to accommodate was combined with specific unfavourable state of affairss and this may adversely impact him to carry on, looking at Patrick’s job, this involves a civilization daze. The civilization of recognizing other people differs from one topographic point to another. This is why Patrick faces misconstruing with the employee in the company.

Inadequate Information

Last, unequal information about the company. Before get downing to work in a company, it is best that the Patrick notice the overall information sing the company and their peculiar occupation country. Harmonizing to this instance, Patrick has a deficiency of cognition from the company. How the direction of the company works? How friendly are the employees? These inquiries have to be figured out by Patrick before he started working in the company. Due to the deficiency of understanding towards the company, Patrick faces misconstruing in pass oning with his co-workers.

Question 2

How could the company have assisted Patrick to cut down the troubles that he confronted?

Employee Orientation

Employee orientation is a portion of long term investing in a new employee, it is an initial procedure that provides entree to basic information and provides new employees with the basic background information they need to execute their occupations satisfactorily, plans and services, gives categorizations and follows new employees to take an active function in the organisation. So the company can supply Patrick with proper and good prepared orientation.

This orientation will assist him in accommodating in Haiti with the different sort of life style and linguistic communication. The company can set him and some other co-workers together in Haiti for a month to present him to their new environment. As a consequence, they can forestall Patrick and other co-workers making a error and violative thing in the state. It besides helps in beef uping the direction foundation of Patrick in making his foreign assignment.

Adequate Information

The following thing the company can make is to supply Patrick with equal information sing the state. Once he knows the penetration of Haiti, he will cognize how to respond to utmost state of affairs alteration. For illustration, When Patrick knows about the different sort of Gallic linguistic communication the state have, he will be able to understand the difference and avoid misinterpretation.

Social Adaptability

Peoples who feel comfy among a group of friends are non suited for an abroad station. The procedure of societal adaptation requires concentrated and study action. Patrick must be able to socialise comfortably with new people in a new topographic point, and be able to travel rapidly from one societal state of affairs to another.

Pre-Departure Training – Cultural Awareness Training

Degree of interaction required in the host civilization and the similarity between the individual’s native civilization and the new civilization such as information sharing plan, affectional attack to chair degree of interaction and the length of stay in the host state is anticipated to be between two to twelve months, this can assist Patrick larn the civilization and acquire near to the Haitians every bit good.

Question 3

Do you believe the state of affairs that Patrick confronted is typical an American traveling to the foreign assignment?

If another American are being sent to make an abroad assignment, there is a large possibility that he or she will confront the same job as Patrick faced. There are two chief factors that can originate in this state of affairs, such as linguistic communication barriers and jurisprudence and ordinances. From these two factors, Americans should be cognizant before come ining a new state for their abroad occupation.

Language Barrier

Language barrier can be found when two parties from a different state that is confronting troubles in pass oning due to linguistic communication. In this state of affairs, America and Haiti have different communication linguistic communication. Americans that are be aftering to work in Haiti have to larn the linguistic communication at the first, before they set to work. This can assist cut downing the possibility of misconstruing. For illustration, communicating jobs can do the work environment uncomfortable and unproductive for Patrick and his co-workers. Open and clear communicating in the workplace of Patrick can construct a more productive environment.

Laws and Regulations

Every state has their ain Torahs and ordinances. Take Singapore as an exmaple. Knowing that masticating gum is prohibited, whereas it is normal to masticate gum in Indonesia. Looking back at this instance, America and Haiti have different Torahs and ordinances. Law is an of import country to be focused on because if people breaks it, it could stop up bad. This is why Americans have to larn the Torahs and ordinances in Haiti. It is best to maintain the occupation safe and legal. Therefore, from clip to clip workers may go against the policies the organisations have established for its concern. Even if the employee breaks the regulations with the best purposes, the flow of the workplace can be impacted negatively. When the full squad is working toward the same end and following the same ordinances, it can be easier to carry through the ends. This shows that if Patrick genuinely understands the regulations are in topographic point, it can be easier for him to pass on that urgency to his squad in the organisation.


Even though Patrick have superb quality of work in his old calling with good background, it doesn’t mean he will be able to work anyplace he wants easy.When the company direct Patrick to Haiti, he faced several jobs. These jobs are caused by 5 factors, they are civilization daze, certitude, deficiency of orientation, societal adaptability and unequal information. However the company can assist Patrick to cut down these job by giving Social adaptability, Pre-departure preparation and in conclusion equal information before directing him off. These sort of state of affairs happen frequently with American, since they are incognizant of the linguistic communication barrier and jurisprudence and ordinance of the state. Thus it is of import for people to cognize the penetration of the state before sing at that place.


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The group/individual has nem con agreed to the assessment of each individual/ member in our group.

( A )


Tin Tin

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Tang Xiaojing

( C )


Li Jiahua

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Ta Thi Tram Anh

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