Cvs : The Complexity And Diversity Essay

The complexity and diversity that lies within CVS is rather amazinf in nature. One may believe from just the name that CVS is a pharmacy. On the unseen portion though, CVS plays key roles within the healthcare industry. Yes, they do in fact provide prescription drugs to consumers, CVS is also a key player in the tracking of multiple health related conditions. CVS role is not limited to but does in fact include the data collection of, “Biometric monitoring, tobacco cessation, and weight loss programs.

CVS made an excellent point that “We undertake chronic care only when working with primary care doctors to complement the services they offer” (“2014 Annual Report”, p. 21). This shows that CVS plans on having a stake in the long term care of …show more content…

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Cvs : The Complexity And Diversity
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21). In the grand scheme of financial statements lite four basic financial statements “types” that are prepared. These include a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, and a Statement of Cash Flow.

The balance sheet encompasses the amounts of assets, stock holder’s equity, and liabilities that the business has. The income statement is rather simple in nature as this statement reports the revenues less the total expenditures during the report accounting period. The statements of retained reports the way that net income and distribution of dividends affected the financial position of the company during the accounting period presented. The statement of cash flow is predominantly the report of how cash flow was either spent or how much cash was received. With this being said, in today society physical cash is typically not the form that is used, rather the funds that are electronically transferred to who and where. These expenditures or financials that are received may fall within many classifications not limited to but including operations, investing and financing avenues. The distinctive name that CVS uses to label financial statements is “Consolidated Financial Statements”. These reports are used to Inform external sources such as potential shareholder and investors. These reports must specify clear and complete intentions of the corporation’s financial .

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