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Cyber Crime Awareness

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  • Pages 3
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    The computers have unleashed associate era of increased productivity and power. Communications and connectedness has seen new heights in last two decades. As more and more people are shifting their day to day activities online, more and more are targeting the easy-to-make money and information.

    These area unit the up to date criminals, enjoying the namelessness provided by the net. Cyber-attacks may have some motivation behind it or, be processed unknowingly. The attacks those area unit processed wittingly are often thought of because the cyber-crime and that they have serious impacts over the society. Restriction of cyber-crimes relies on correct analysis of their behaviour and understanding of their impacts over varied levels of society.

    Therefore, the current manuscript provides the understanding of cybercrime and their impacts over society with future trends of cyber-crime.

    Usage of web has become a daily routine for majority of individuals for regular transactions. By finish of 2016, there area unit getting to be 462, 124, 989 internet users in India with a penetration of 34.8% sharing around 13.5% share of World Internet Users( , 2016). With the increasing web penetration, safeguarding the netizens from the growing cyber threats is that the difficult task that a system ought to watch out of. In India, cybercrimes grew 2 hundredth in 2015, over preceding year, whereas work a rise of two,400% over the last decade (The Times of India, 2016). The latest report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) showed that the number of cyber crime cases increased from 9622, in 2014 to 11,592 last year nearly one-third of the crimes committed for financial gain. And there’s prevailing criticism that Indian cyber laws area unit however to be set and updated whereas examination with alternative country laws ( Jamil and Khan, 2011).

    It is not simply the technology of web that’s luring the users, but the convergence of Internet with various digitally supported platforms and services that make the users hook to it like never before. The recent statistical information on mobile phone internet penetration in India shows that in 2016, 24.33% of the population accessed the internet from their mobile phone. This figure is expected to grow to 37.36% in 2021 (, 2016)

    On a positive note, this unique convergence of digital gadgets like smart phones and internet, help us to communicate wioth others, family and friends instantly and frequently from anywhere in the world. We abundantly depend onm internet provided information quiet often either office course, e-commerce, banking, weather forcasts , business deals, fitness tips, share markets, entertainment, fun, satisfying physioplogical urges and emotions and past-time activity, etc. Upload, share, download, google it, apps, etc., are treated to be quiet common jargons these days that are functioned at finger tips. Hence, it is no exaggeration to say that smart phones and other internet abled personal electronic gadgets have entered every realm of life and opened gates for cyber crime to flood in. Lack of awareness on such problems would find yourself in an exceedingly severe harm on monetary, emotional, moral or ethical grounds.

    Under such dire state of affairs, besides tackling the cybercrimes, another issue that needs to be focused on higher priority is – creating awareness on “cybercrimes and security” among the internet users. Thus the current study focuses in finding out the answers to alarming question – “If netizen is aware, to what extent?”, “If not conscious of cybercrimes, what measures are often adopted to form the netizen a lot of aware and updated.

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