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Dangers of Cyclist’s on the Road

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Have you ever witnessed a person on a bicycle blow through a stop sign or blatantly run a red light? Many bicyclists do not follow the rules of the road correctly. These infractions can be very dangerous for motorists, pedestrians and the bicyclists themselves. Despite increased awareness, new regulations, and adjustments to existing roadways, which has led to negative consequences, and, thus, the issuing of bicycle licenses should be put in place to ease the conflict.

There’s no doubt about it, there always has been conflict between cyclists and motorists.

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Dangers of Cyclist’s on the Road
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I know I have witnessed a couple of near accidents involving the two parties. When you’re talking about cyclist and motorist accidents, who is at fault? This question brings up more uncertainty than answers, because it is not that simple. There are certain situations in which both sides could be in the wrong.

I do not think you can generalize one party as in the wrong when it comes to motorist and cyclist accidents.

That being said, one cannot overlook the overwhelming evidence that these accidents are a problem. In Pittsburgh alone, there were 361 accidents involving a cyclist and motorist from 2006 through 2012 (“Bicycle Accident Statistics”). Obviously cyclists are more susceptible to injuries involving these accidents. Since 1932, 44,000 cyclists have died in traffic crashes in the United States (Dangers in Terms of Cycling Safety.”)

The dangers of sharing the road with cyclists are obvious. Certain places are taking steps to make sharing the road safer. Just this month, England’s government promised 94 million pounds to be invested in making cycling easier (“Make Cycling Helmets Compulsory”). England will be creating more bike paths and improve existing ones. Encouraging cyclists to use paths rather than the street is only one way to improve the situation.

Every single driver in America has taken and passed a driving exam before being able to freely drive on the streets. Why shouldn’t cyclists be thoroughly examined before riding on the street as well? I believe cyclists should have to pass an exam before they are allowed to coexist on the roads with motorists. This will eliminate mistakes made by cyclists that will prove to save many lives in the future. If cyclist do not wish to take the exam or fail, they must only ride their bikes on the sidewalk.

The infractions of the road laws made by cyclist are very dangerous to all parties involved. If cyclists and motorists are going to coexist, something needs to be done. This is why all cyclists wishing to utilize the road like motorists must be required to pass an exam before being allowed on the street. I believe this solution that will save many lives and prove to be a valuable law in the future.

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