Dangers of Cyclist’s on the Road

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Despite efforts to raise awareness, implement regulations, and make road improvements, many cyclists still fail to follow road rules. This includes ignoring stop signs or running red lights, which poses a significant risk to drivers and pedestrians. To effectively address this issue, it is essential to introduce bicycle licenses.

Over time, an ongoing dispute between cyclists and motorists has persisted. I have personally observed this through multiple near accidents. Assigning blame in cyclist-motorist collisions is a complicated issue, as there are instances where both parties may be at fault.

While it would be unfair to solely blame one party for accidents involving motorists and cyclists, it is important to recognize the substantial evidence that supports the occurrence of these incidents. In Pittsburgh, there have been 361 documented accidents between cyclists and motorists from 2006 to 2012 (“Bicycle Accident Statistics”). This data serves as undeniable proof that cyclists face a greater risk of injury in such accidents. Statistical records also reveal an alarming total of 44,000 cyclist fatalities in traffic collisions throughout the United States since 1932 (Dangers in Terms of Cycling Safety”).

The risks of sharing the road with cyclists are evident, and some locations are implementing measures to enhance road safety. England’s government recently pledged 94 million pounds to facilitate cycling, with a focus on developing and improving bike paths (“Make Cycling Helmets Compulsory”). Encouraging cyclists to utilize dedicated paths instead of roads is just one approach to enhance the current situation.

All drivers in America must pass a driving exam before freely driving on the streets. I think cyclists should also undergo an exam before riding on the roads. By doing so, we can prevent mistakes made by cyclists and potentially save lives. If cyclists choose not to take or fail the exam, they should only ride on the sidewalk.

Cyclists who disregard road laws endanger the safety of all. To promote harmonious coexistence between cyclists and drivers, it is vital to take appropriate measures. Hence, I suggest mandating that cyclists must undergo a similar examination as motorists prior to riding on public roads. By implementing this solution, numerous lives can be spared and an essential law can be established for future guidance.

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