Daycare vs. Stay at Home for Children

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Healthy bearing of raising a child is necessary for parent to take their responsibility for being a part of the Child. Staying home for Children will directly led a high affect for a children’s future, the process for a child’s early development and gaining knowledge of one’s family culture. Staying home for Children have higher tendency of developing a child’s emotional and behavioral development. In a children psychology term it’s called a learn behavioral, while young children are often learned the behavior of the mother and the father.

Children will have learn the behavior of the behalves of the mother and the father, and understanding a lot of concepts about dealing with problems, and the right way to deal with it. Unlike Daycare only concentrates on staying safe. It’s essentials for the children for dealing future problems, and the later development in the child’s life. The processing for a child’s early development is connecting with bearing with both side of the parent. The child’s cognitive can be develop at a constant level if the children is well taking care of at home.

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Ages two through six is the most frequent time young parent are in need for help for daycare, while staying home for children with parent can encourage the children to learn to understand concrete logic, mentally manipulate information and able to take the point of view of other, this stage is called Preoperational stage. Heading to ages seven and elven, it’s called a concrete operational stage, the children during this stage can gain a better understanding of the operations, and begin to think logically.

While during this time, cognitive from the early childhood will help the child to think affectively and led to the right way. While the mentally part can be appropriate develop with staying home for the children. It’s also essential for a child to gain the knowledge of one’s family culture. Different family has its unique features within. This is the most important part and for a child to present itself later in the future. We need to have the child to understand the arrangement of the family, and operations of its own.

Those response to the solutions of daycare Vs. Home for Children might not be the greatest of all, but I strongly suggested it’s some of the important factors to be consider while children bearing is an important role for parent, and it can strongly affected the children’s later life. It’s in our hand to determine for giving the children a better life. The other cons of the stay at home children is more costly for daycare, because it require parent to manage their time, and give up other activates to take care the children.

Daycare and Stay at home for children are costly for parents, but I’m agreeing with stay at home for children, because I was one of the children who came out of daycare center. I have an independent perspective; always hide my emotions and having problems with communicating with people. Thus, it have shrike me with over load of stress, with over taking too much responsibility, because I have believed I’m independent and can suck up anything, I can get upset if things doesn’t end up the way I wanted.

But in reality, I’m not superman; I can’t complete every task on my own. In the part for communicating with people, I don’t give any trust in any person, that led to I never speak of the words in my heart. I realized hiding the truth is the safest place; it won’t affect anybody in a bad way. This is the reason why I highly supported stay at home for children, because it can balance the child’s mind, and help developing the child’s logic for decision making in the future, and it’s always great to be with both side of the parent.

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