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Daz for zoe

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Zoe has a best friend called Tibia Wentworth, the Wentworth are very wealthy because of Tibia’s father, who owns the suburbs and has designed all the houses in their area Silverware’. For example, ” Paul Wentworth of Wentworth and lodge ( development ) PAL. This quote tells the readers that Paul Wentworth is an important and prosperous character. Another main character is Zoo’s grandmother who is 104 years old. Zoe describes her by saying “She is 104 years old and she has still got all her marbles… Grandma has a quick mind but her legs are slowing down… She takes time to listen to me.

This tells us that Zoe has a good relationship with her grandmother and suggests that they are quite close,she talks to her grandmother ND whenever she has problems she always tells her grandmother instead of her parents because she understands Zoe and gives her advice. Daze is 15 years old and he is a choppy. A choppy lives in a area where ” most of the blocks were odorless, glasses all shattered, rubbish everywhere, cans and bottles, plastic bags, filthy mattresses and skeletons of baby buggies”.

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This quote shows the reader that chippies live in a area with great poverty.

We learn that most of them are homeless and most of them do not have Jobs. Daze lives with his mother, Mrs. Breakthrough who s described as having the “dull eye”, which is slang for depressed. Mrs. Breakthrough is depressed when Daze was younger his brother Del Joined a gang called ‘DREAD’. Members of ‘DREAD’ would go into the cubby area which was prohibited to them, they would try to kill subset because they wanted to be equal and live like the subset. Unfortunately Del died. Moreover, another important character is Cal, he is the leader of the gang called DREAD.

Call is described as “Cal a hero, a living ledge end. People tort about ‘IM all the time. ” This quote shows us readers that chippies love Cal because he is trying to help them be equal like subset by fighting and killing subset for them. However this also shows that people are scared of him perhaps because he has a dangerous reputation. Another important character is Mr. James, who is Adz’s teacher. Mr. James is a cubby and secretly works for F. A. I. R (Fraternal Alliance for Integration ) where subset help chippies secretly. If the police find out choppy. There are several main events in ‘Daze 4 Zoe’.

One of these events is when Tibia and Zoe and some of her other friends go to a choppy club behind their parents back. That is when Zoe meets Daze for the first time and described it as ” He was Just another choppy guy in a beat up leather Jacket and wild, greasy-looking hair, but when he turned around and our eyes met, that was it. ” This tells us that although Daze was Just another choppy’ she was attracted to him and ‘that was it’ she fell in love with him at first sight. This also shows that she doesn’t care that he is a choppy and that she doesn’t care that she is not supposed to fall in love with him.

Another event that I find interesting is that when Zoe is at school she does not pay attention n class because she is thinking about Daze. Whilst her teacher is discussing the ‘Franchise ( income qualification) Bill of 2004’ Which is about how poor people cannot vote while in contrast, rich people can. Zoe starts daydreaming and looks outside of the window, Then her teacher Monochrome asks Zoe ” Why did the Dennis government introduce the bill Zoe Askew? ” Zoe did not know the answer because she was too busy day dreaming, so Monochrome gave her lines to do.

Furthermore, while Zoe was writing down her lines, on her last page she wrote ‘brainwashing’ which got err into more trouble because Zoe thought that Monochrome does not look at the lines. So Monochrome wrote a letter to her home. Another event that occurs in the story is when Zoe ran away to the chippies because her parents had decided to move out of Silverware once they found out that the Wentworth were in F. A. I. R; if Zoe went with them, she would not have seen Daze again. When Zoe ran away to be with Daze the police were searching for her so Daze made Zoe stay with Mr..

James in school, inside a ceiling. At first Mr. James rejected and said ” cubby girl he see. I can’t Hyde no cubby RL. They catch me, I get sickout of Silverware. ” This shows that Mr. James is worried and frightened because he does not want to get caught and get kicked out Silverware. But in the end Mr. James hides Zoe in school. On the other hand, the most shocking event was when Mr. James gave Zoe a letter which was from her grandmother and told her that ‘Your grandmother is FAIR in Silverware, Zoe. She found the unit and ran it virtually single-handed for twenty years. The reason why this is shocking is because nobody had expected Zoo’s grandmother to be involved with F. A. I. R. This also challenged the reader’s expectation because we expected her to be like a typical 104 year old lady who lived an unexciting and mundane lifestyle. Moreover, Zoo’s grandmother gave her directions for her and Daze to a safe place, so that no police would capture them and DREAD would not take Daze away and kill him. Another interesting aspect of this book is that the writer uses language such as the characters style of talking to highlight the difference in their background. O can tell that Daze and Zoe both live in completely different areas to each other because when Zoe is rating her grammar is perfect, her spellings are perfect and her English makes sense. This shows that she goes too good school receives education. On the other hand, when Daze is narrating, his spellings are wrong , sometimes he does not make sense, his grammar is imperfect. Also when you read his chapters, you can see that he writes phonetically, so instead of him writing ‘legend’ he writes ‘ledge end’ In addition, Daze also writes using colloquial speech For example, instead of him writing ‘four’ he writes ‘4’.

This shows that Daze does not receive a good education. Also the day. This means they hardly learn anything. As a final point, the book ‘Daze 4 Zoe’ talks about two sides of different areas, how they are like, and what they do. This was set in a dyspepsia future society where there is inequality and people live in vastly different circumstances. It is a totalitarian state in which the ruler holds all the power. It is in this environment that two people overcome the barriers and fall in love. Despite their differences their love is strong enough to survive the obstacle. Love, therefore, is a strong theme in this story.

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