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The student chose Zoe Ashland as their inspiration because she is a beautiful, strong, and independent woman who has faced adversity and never gave up on her dreams. Zoe’s story of losing her father at a young age and moving to the Dominican Republic with her mother inspired the student to push herself towards her own goals. The student admires Zoe’s acting talent and the way she embodies her characters, but is concerned that her focus on staying skinny sends a negative message to young girls who may harm themselves to look like her. Overall, Zoe Ashland is an inspiration to the student and a talented actress who has made a mark in Hollywood.

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The reason I chose Zoe Ashland is because she is a gorgeous, strong, and independent woman. She keeps her head up even if she’ hurting inside. She is an inspiration for Hispanic descendents. She is very focused and determined. Ashland has been working since the age of 21 . She makes me want to keep pursuing my dreams. She sends a message to never give up when times get rough. I can relate to her when her father died. When I was twelve I lost my grandfather. That was one of the saddest days of my life. I was quiet and isolated from people for a while. My readers started to drop.

Then one day in class we read about Hispanic celebrities. One of those Hispanic celebrities was Zoe Ashland. That’s when I learned that she lost her father at age nine. Instead of giving up she and her mother moved to Dominican Republic. She striver to become an actress. That’s when I decided to do the same as her. I picked up my grades and made a plan to fulfill my goal. That’s why I fell in love with Zoe Ashland. We both are descendents of immigrants. So I can relate to how much her parent’s had to work to provide for her. I want to become successful at what I do when I grow up.

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One great thing I adore about Zoe Ashland is her acting. Zoe makes my mouth water, heart throb, and gives me goose bumps when I see her on the screen. I remember the first time I saw her on the screen. It was in 2002 when my older cousin took me to the theater to watch Drumlins. When Zoe Ashland came on the screen I fell in love. I never knew who she was at the time but she was my little kid crush. She played as a dance major. When she would dance I smiled so wide. Zoe is a great actress. She always does great on her roles. She hoses a role that challenges her.

When she’s on set she takes in the character and becomes the character. Ashland makes the character believable. Another movie she dominated was Columbian. In that movie she was like a Spanish Angelina Joliet. I watched that movies like ten times. The character she played was fierce and sexy. She has been nominated for copious amount of awards. She is also in the top ten Latino actors/actresses in Hollywood. One thing I truly do not like about Zoe Ashland is she skips meals to stay skinny. She claims that she doesn’t exercise a lot. I don’t hint that is smart or healthy.

Also, that is not a good thing to set for little girls that look up to her. Sometimes Zoe is looking anorexic which is not a very good image. Girls especially end up with an eating disorder. Some girls would go to the extreme to look like these gorgeous female celebrities. Girls hurt themselves because they think they have to look like that to be beautiful. Sometimes big is beautiful. A number of girls kill themselves by trying to be skinny. Zoe need to stop doing that and try to send a good message to these young girls. Zoe Ashland By Rhododendron’s

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