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Romeo and Juliet: Love theme

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One with Paris’ love for Juliet and the other is Romeos love for Rosalie. Although Paris went to Gullet’s father, Lord Caplet, to ask for her hand in marriage, Juliet didn’t really care for him. Initially, when Paris asked to marry Juliet, Caplet gave him permission too as long as Juliet agreed as well. But when Paris went to him again, he then changed it and said that Juliet was going to marry him. Now, Rosalie is the woman Romeo was “in love” with.

Rosalie had sworn off boys and sex, which had left Romeo no chances with her.

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Romeo and Juliet: Love theme
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Up until the night of the ball, Romeo was moping over. During the conversation he had with Benevolent, Benevolent was trying to talk Romeo into “exploring his options”. “By giving liberty into thin eyes; examine other beauties. ” (Act 1 , Scene I). When Romeo had seen Rationale’s name on the list of invitees to Caplet’s feast, he was so guano to attend the feast just to see her.

But once he laid eyes on the beautiful Juliet, his feelings for Rosalie really didn’t matter anymore.

In the story of Romeo and Juliet, parental love was shown as well just not between Romeo and Juliet and their parents. Juliet and the Nurse were extremely close, for instance. Juliet tells her Nurse all of her secrets, and the Nurse is the message carrier between her and Romeo. She looks out for Julies best interest even if its not what Juliet likes or wants to hear. “l think you are happy in this second match; For it excels your first’ or if it did not. Our first is dead; or ‘tweeter as good as he were, as living here and you no use of him” (Act 3, Scene v). Friar Lawrence, on the other hand, was like an advisor to Romeo, but once Juliet and Romeo had gotten married he kind became an advisor or showed “parental love” to them both. They went to him looking for advice and because there’s a quarrel between the Capsules and the Montage’s, neither Romeo or Juliet could approach their parents to discuss their love for one another.

So they are looking to him, who’s giving them both neutral advice. The play focuses on romantic love; this is shown through two of the main characters, Romeo and Juliet. When they met it was like love at first sight. Once they saw each other, they couldn’t get one another off their minds. After the young lovers professed their love for each other, Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence and tells him how much he loves Juliet and how he wants him to secretly marry them.

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