Demeanor: Police Officers

Police officers all over the United States of America have to have specific sets of skills that will assist them in completing their duties daily. There are no specific traits that all officers must possess as different skill levels is what helps a group of people, not only police officers, at being a successful group. If all groups of people had the same types of skills, the group will not be effective and there would be deficiencies. Sticking to our specific field of policing, demeanor is very important.

The definition of demeanor as defined by Webster is as follows: “behavior towards others: outward manner. ” (Demeanor, 2013) Command of Temper As we learned the definition of demeanor previously, how does it apply to a police officer? There is no qualification more indispensable too Police Officer than a perfect command of temper, never suffering himself to be moved in the slightest degree, by any language or threats that may be used; if he does his duty in a quiet and determined manner, such conduct will probably induce well-disposed by-standers to assist him should he require it.

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Quoted in Isoclinic and Fee 1993: 70). (Chapter 2: Ethics and the Police). A police officer must possess the skill of self-control mentally, emotionally, and physically. A police officer must not allow his emotion to get the best of him/her in a situation where he/she is called to diffuse it. If you have a police officer that cannot control himself in these areas, this can cause the situation to worsen and cause him/her and/or others harm or danger. Development Previously, we addressed the command of temper and determined that a police officer must possess this skill already at any level.

Even if this skill is not well developed, police officers go through extensive training to become certified. In the training that police officers undergo, they are able to develop this skill and enhance their level. For example, if a police officer has command of temper at a level of 1 on a scale of 10, the training and development offered in training can enhance his/her level to 4-5 depending on the commitment, comprehension, and application. A police officer at a level 4 to begin with, can enhance their level to a 7-8 with the proper training and development.

A professional police force would develop cadets that possess sound Judgment. (Revisiting: Who is Guarding the Guardians? Chapter 2: Recruitment, Selection, and Training for Police Work, 2004) I believe that the training and developing of police officers is currently sufficient. If I were to get involved with a police training method, I would utilize it all as it has been developed by police officers with previous experience in the field and have seen how and where improvements were needed. Police Chief April Usher If I were acting Police Chief, I would not change anything that is currently taught in y police academy.

They are trained in criminal law, self-defense, weapons training, communication Skills, amongst toner training courses. You must nave a Dorsa area to teach, train, and develop your cadets in order to have a successful police force. They need criminal law training because they are going to be dealing with crime and they must understand when an action has become a crime. Self-defense will be trained because there will be situations that surface where they will need to know how to defend themselves against and individual and/or groups of people.

Weapon raining is required before they are given the weapons due to the increased responsibility in carrying them as well as when to use them and how. Communication skills will be developed because if they are working as a police force, they will have to have effective communication skills to work as a team to fight crime. Conclusion Being a police officer is not a field that Just anyone can be involved with. In order for someone to be certified as a police officer, one must completely understand what role they will be playing and how they as a person and their actions will affect the community and the impact that they have on it.

As law enforcement is an essential part of keeping communities safe, research, development and enhancement will always be necessary to keep adequate peace of mind of the community and its people.

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