Democracy Without Education Is Meaningless

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The importance of education in a democracy cannot be overstated, as it is what leads to progress and greatness. Unfortunately in India, the situation regarding education is distressing, with 60% of the population being illiterate. Adult education is necessary and can serve as an incentive to primary education. Social education is also needed to guide people in their leisure time and to avoid illiteracy and ignorance, which is a burden on society. Overcoming the difficulties of implementing adult education requires cleverness, fact, compromise, or intentional avoidance. The purpose of good teaching is to produce changes in human behavior and adult education emancipates people from illiteracy. It is important for citizens to be knowledgeable, for older individuals to keep their minds active, and for workers to be up-to-date on new techniques and technologies in a complex modern economy. Anyone, regardless of age, can go back to school and pursue their dreams related to their job through adult education programs.

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Democracy without education is meaningless. It is education and enlightenment that lifts a nation to the heights of progress and greatness. Unfortunately, the situation as it obtains in India in respect of education is not only distressing but disgraceful and deplor? able. At present about 60% of the people in India are illiterate; they cannot differentiate a buffalo from a black mole. Adult education is needed because it is a powerful auxiliary and an essential incentive to primary education. No programme of compulsory universal education can bear fruit without the active support and co-operation of adults ocial educa? tion is needed in order to guide in spending their leisure in health? ful recreations and useful activities. Lastly, illiteracy and ignorance is a sin; an illiterate adult is a burden on society. A The difficulties have to be overcome either by cleverness, or by fact or by compromise, or may be, by intentional avoidance. Only then we can hope to spread Adult Education. The purpose of all good teaching is to produce changes in human behavior. All adult education teacher must adopt a positive approach; adult education emancipates people from the tyranny of illiteracy. 1] Some people, in their early age, did not have the chance to get education for different reasons. When they are old if then, they get education and they can discover themselves in a new way. [2] Learning is a continuous process, and if adult persons have the continued relationship with knowledge is also important. {3] Some adult much time to take rest but if they are engaged in learning they can also have fun and friends. {4] If they are busy something creative jobs, they will never feel boring rather they will feel healthier and happier.

We can implement it by making people people aware of it , starting campaigns and doing surveys . 1. in a complex modern democracy, citizens must be knowledgeable. 2. research shows that older people who keep their minds active suffer less dementia and other memory type diseases in old age. 3. in a complex modern economy, workers must be up-to-date on new techniques, and technologies Many people fail to understand that if they don ‘t make the extra effort, they ‘ll never be able to amount to much in life. Some however, after spending a ot of their time as kids fooling around, begin to make the effort to improve their status in life. So being well above thirty or even forty years doesn ‘t matter; anyone can still go back to school to study. It could be any degree that you want. Having missed out on education when you were yet young, still doing school might not look like a good option. However, there are so many adult education programs around, it would spin you in the head just thinking of it. You don ‘t have to give up on your dreamsrelated to their job.

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