Life Without Light Essay

“Life without light” Journal Article #3 “Life without light” Light is extremely important to this world. It is especially important to the food chains as it is the crucial source and starting point of it. Without light in the food chain it would be incomplete and plants and animals would have to get their source of energy from somewhere else, I don’t know where or what. It is needed for photosynthesis and this is needed for human beings to survive. Without it everything would go “wrong”! Every living thing on planet earth was made to survive.

To survive we need food. We get energy from food and to get food we use energy.

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Life Without Light
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In the video it showed me a lot of remarkable things that transpire under the sea and how exciting life under the sea can be. Sea animals that are relatively close to the surface of the ocean and are closer to sunlight may be able to obtain food and energy easier than those that are to the bottom of the sea.

The sea creatures that are at the bottom of the sea where it is dark and cold do get there source of energy from hydrothermal vents and cold seeps. They also eat whatever fragments that fall from the surface. These things make it possible for a food web to be possible under the deep depths of the sea.

I think that life with less solar radiation would make our world a very cold and dark one indeed. Although there are thoughts from people who believe that less radiation to this world may help it. With less light however, we as humans may learn to adapt but it would put an end to most life here on earth. Light is a major source of energy and this is something that is needed to survive. More than half the things we do each day operate on some form of light be it big or small. It is produced in this world in some way or the other. I could not imagine a world with less light.

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