The School Promotes Partnership and Dialogue

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The classroom is considered a miniature of a greater society because it is where individuals gain knowledge and skills that are essential for building a productive citizen that will contribute to a greater society. The values, communication skills, and personal capabilities that students learn in the classroom are applicable to society. The classroom is similar to society in that it is ruled by authority figures, has a community of individuals, and follows rules and regulations. The materials used in the classroom, such as books and furniture, are produced by skilled individuals who were once learners themselves. The classroom provides a space where individuals can interact with others from different backgrounds and cultures, allowing them to learn and understand different beliefs and values that can be applied in everyday life.

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Why is the classroom a miniature of a greater society?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” as said by Nelson Madela. This statement explains why the classroom a miniature of a greater society because inside the four sides of a classroom, an individual gain knowledge and skills which are essential for building a productive citizen that will make a greater society, greater society which means that the materials that are significant for our daily living are present.

Where strong buildings are skillfully build for the security and safety of every resident. The classroom is the place where the students learn values that they will display to their society, they also learn to communicate, participate and engage in different situation or task that will enhance their personal capability that is applicable to the society. By means of nurturing the students, the teacher’s role is to motivate and shape the mind of their students to become active to their society. Therefore, classroom is a miniature of a greater society.

What are found in the classroom that is similar to what can be observed in society?

Classroom reflects the society we live in. When we are inside the classroom, we are ruled by our teachers who act as our parent. Our co-students are the people in our community. We learn knowledge and skills inside the classroom as we learn outside in our society. The materials that we use inside the classroom such as books, chair, boards and even pencils are product of our skillful carpenter who was once a learner inside the classroom.

To make it clear, classroom is a small society. We act inside a classroom as we are in our society. We followed some rules and regulation inside a classroom as we followed the laws implemented in our society. We can practice and apply the knowledge we gained in school to help in making a productive community. We meet and engage with different people with different personalities where we can learn or understand different cultures, beliefs, values that we can use in our everyday living and socializing with people.

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