Describe Some Psychological Factors That Are Influences on the Health of the Individual

Part A Nutrition and Diet Diet is food we eat in order to provide our body with the nutrients it need to carry out its functions. Nutrients the body needs are divided into two groups Macronutrients and Micronutrients. Macronutrients are Carbohydrate simple or complex, needed for energy, are found in fruit and pasta. Proteins for growth and repair are found in meats and nuts. Fat for energy and immune system are found in oils and oily fish. The body needs lager amounts of these macronutrients. Micronutrients are Vitamins divided into Fat Soluble (Vitamin A, D, E and K) and Water Soluble Vitamins (vitamin C and B).

Minerals are also Micronutrients they are needed for tooth and bone formation. The body needs these is small amounts. A good summary of the data here – you have used a range of specialist words. (Word Count 123) Part B Question 2 Using examples from chapter 3, describe some psychological factors that are influences on the health of the individual. Essay Plan Introduction (approx. 100 words) Define Psychological factors Structure of essay Main Body (approx. 400 words) Cover Positive/Negative psychological influences Molly, Kristen, Margery and Juliet

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Emotional, beliefs and habitual ways Conclusion (approx. 100 words) Summaries main points Part B Describe some psychological factors that are influences on the health of the individual. There are many influences on health this essay will look at the Psychological factors that influence an individual’s health. Some of the Psychological factors can be defineds as an individual’s beliefs, emotions and habitual habits and behavior. This essay will considerwill look at the evidence that shows psychological factors that have influenced health.

This evidence will cover both the positive and negatives effect these factors have on an individuals health. Firstly we will look at Kristen and Molly. Kristen uses factor forty sun block to protect her skin from the effects of the sun (Finlay et al. , 2010). One of the psychological factors that influence this could be that she believes she may be at risk of skin cancer. Kristen choses to protect her skin from this health risk. Ultimately Kristen’s belief will have a positive influence on her health as she is protecting her self from a health risk. But where did Kirsten get her belief?

Do you need to ask this here?. Molly on the other hand sunbathes and uses sunbeds regularly. This is in order to get a deep tan (Finlay et al. , 2010). The psychological factors that have influenced Molly are beliefs and emotions. Finlay et al (2010, p. 36) state “Molly wants to looked tanned because she thinks it looks attractive and gives her confidence”. So Molly believes she is more attractive with a tan and it gives her confidence. This personnael choice could have a negative effect on Molly’s health and could lead to skin cancer, but they could have a positive effect on how she feels about herself.

Useful comparison Secondly we will look at Juliet she is a twenty six year old female that until two years ago was obese. She has lost six stone (Finlay et al. , 2010). Some of the psychological influences that kept Juliet eating for so many years were emotional and habitual ways Finlay et al (2010, p. 40) state no need to reference case study – put it at the end of case study description “I kind of got into a habit of eating a lot and often. I learned to use food as a comfort” Juliet was unable to deal with stressful situations and used food to deal with them.

After years of dealing with emotions in this way food became a habit to her. These psychological factors had lead to Juliet being obese for a number of years having a negative effect on her health. Some good points but can use any other references? Thirdly I would like to look at Margery. Margery and her husband were regular social drinkers. Three years ago Margery husband died. Margery started drinking more using alcohol for solace and courage (Finlay et al. , 2010). Finlay et al (2010, p. 47) state, “ It helped to dull the pain”.

Margery became physically and emotionally dependent on alcohol as it became a habit. The psychological factors that influenced Margery to drink is her belief that drinking was helping dull the pain of her loss and giving her courage to socialize. The drinking was however having a negative effect on her health. Margery was rushed to hospital as she had ventricular tachycardia. Margery feared she might die. This fear and the belief she may die lead to her stopping drinking. So these psychological factors influenced a positive effect on Margery’s health.

Is there any references to support negative impact of alcohol – have a look at alcohol concern reference in course reader. As shown in this essay psychological factor can influence an individual health in both positive and negative ways. Beliefs, emotions and habits are powerful factors on an individual and the choices they make. These factors can lead a person harming their health though they believe they are improving a situation. Good attempt to conclude Word Count (584) References: Finlay,L. , Praeson, C. and Ram, S. (2010) Understanding Health, Milton Keynes, The Open University. TASK 2 )I found the lay out and the essay plan easy to do. I also found it easy to find the information I needed for the essay. I did however find it difficult to try and fit in all the information I wanted to use. I found I wanted to try and explain why individuals may feel the way they do. This was not in the question so I have to leave this information out. 2)I need to make sure I stick to the question given and think more about quality not quantity when writing an essay. You have identified your learning needs well and have taken positive action to address them. Build on the feedback from this TMA as you progress.

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