The Effects of Optimism on Physical and Psychological Health Essay

The illusion of control and optimism about health can make a huge difference on someone’s well-being - The Effects of Optimism on Physical and Psychological Health Essay introduction. It is always good to feel optimistic, this can have a great impact on someone’s physical and psychological health. This paper will explain how. Optimistic feelings and good feelings in general have long been thought to positively affect the health and quality of life of humans. If asked, many Americans would be likely to agree that mood or optimism would likely have a great effect on the recovery or health of a person.

According to Heather Rasmussen from the Axia library people who were more optimistic had a much better look out for their lives and also were in better health. Being optimistic can really be a good thing in someone’s life for their own well-being. Many studies have, indeed, determined that optimism does have a large impact on health, this goes to show you just how important it is for someone’s health and their well-being to try to stay as optimistic as possible; it is very important to remain and also to live a much healthier lifestyle.

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The Effects of Optimism on Physical and Psychological Health
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Also Rasmussen writing her paper that can be found in Axia’s library, wrote and believed that Interest in the relationship between personality characteristics and physical health has increased substantially over the past several decades. Within this larger framework, a number of studies have explored the link between dispositional optimism (the generalized expectation that good things will happen) and physical well-being. Many of these studies have shown optimism to be protective (Axia Library 2011).

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