Describing Leadership Behavior

A correct and appropriate description is given of two or more issue that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations although the description may be limited and the links to workplace situations may be more understood than clear (criteria for a pass on this question) 2. 1 Assess own leadership behaviours and potential in the situation of a particular leadership model and own organisation’s working practice and culture using feedback from others (State your findings below) (28 marks)

As a leader you think of someone who possesses a number of qualities, enthusiasm, good judgment, intelligent, a people person and a great speaker. Over the past few years working as a Team Leader and HR, I have unknowingly dealt with many staff, store and customer related problems. I believe it to be part of my daily routine within my job role. My duty as a team leader or Duty Manager is to developed the sense of team work amongst staff and lead the team in my charge. I have to understand that staff observe me and how I handle myself.

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Knowing that they accept me as a trusted and approachable effective leader In my opinion I believe that I behaviours for leadership that are self motivation, commitment and optimism. On a daily basis I conduct a staff Huddle/Briefing on sales and waste and any key information that they should be aware of that will affect the running of the store which involves communication and feedback from staff and me. I recognise skills/knowledge of individuals and assign roles and responsibilities according to strengths of staff I believe can complete the task in hand.

One Thursday evening the office fridge alarm panel was sounding that HP12 meat fridge was over temp, meaning that this fridge is dropping in temperature. On investigation of the fridge on the shop floor, there is a large puddle of water coming from underneath the fridge. If we do not empty this fridge quickly we will lose all the stock which will cause the leakage cost to mount. As duty manager, taking the democratic leadership style my priority was the safety of customers and the fridge stock.

I arranged a group of 4 staff, briefed and directed them on the health and safety issue with the fridge and water on the shop floor and the possible consequences it could have to the store and customers. I made the decision to empty the fridge. The main concern is that the water is cleaned and the stock moved out of the broken fridge before it drops below 3 degrees and is too cool to sell to customers, the advantage being that this stock can then be returned once the fridge has been fixed by the engineer and it does no cause too much disturbance to customers.

Joe ask if she would like her to call the engineer, as a supervisor I know she is capable of calling the service desk, give them all the details and request an engineer to come and fix the fridge. Rich, to mop up the water and put down wet mats to prevent further hazard of the water. Bill and Sam are to collect the trays to remove the fridge stock and take it to the backup fridge in the warehouse as this will involve manual lifting and are quite capable of lifting the heavy trays.

Overall the team worked together, the task of emptying the fridge was achieved, and no disruption to the customers and no stock were lost. The engineer came out 2 hours later to fix the fridge. Thanking the staff they continued with their own jobs. . I motivate the team keeping them happy by providing what they need in terms of training and support with positive messages and constructive feedback and support and help the come up with solutions. One occasion a member of staff requested time off on a holiday request form; however they had none of their yearly holiday entitlement left.

The holiday was refused, later that week the member of staff came to see me and ask me why the holiday had been refused. I showed empathy and listened to the colleague and explained he still had a responsibility to the company. He stated why he needed the time off and got a better understanding of the need of the colleague who explained that it was for a funeral. Based on the company funeral policy it was agreed that he would have the time unpaid, so that his hours could go out as overtime for another colleague as there were no extra hours available within the company to fill his position.

I then informed him that he could have the opportunity to make these hours up later in the week by picking up one of the overtime shifts that were available. Overall the employee got his time off and the company was not affected. The colleague thanked me for taking time to listen and make alternative arrangements for him, , Dave What do I put about the feedback from others?????? Please feel free to re write it all, come to a blank

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