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Companies in Different Countries

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Mary is an incredible person. She is nice, modest and very outgoing. However, she is very conceited about her abilities. She always thinks she is the best. She usually wears elegant clothes to work as she is a secretary. According to her appearance, she is a slim and tall woman. She has frizzy blond hair, blue eyes and a big and nice mouth. Regarding her posture, is stooped and unsteady. This beautiful girl has been working as a secretary for five years.

In her job, err boss is very strict about projects.

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Companies in Different Countries
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She works day in day out. Also she had made a lot of trips around the world as her boss wanted to send her to all the companies in different countries. Once she was on a trip visiting many countries, she thought about her future and decided not to work outside her country. The best option for her was staying where her family lives. Also, she had to work around the clock.

Everything was harder, Mr. Joseph, her boss got ere angry about Mary’ s decision so he assigned more projects.

Suddenly, she felt very tired than ever, she seemed slimmer and her hair was getting grey and white. When Mary came to see me, she left me speechless, she was very different from the last day I had seen her. I was very surprised and shocked about her appearance. We struck up a conversation about what had happened to her. I tried to help her and she told me that she wanted to work in a company where she could work alone with her owns projects.

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