Pink collar with a silver bell

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In the summer of 2010, started volunteering at the Cumberland County S. P. C. A. One day around the end of July, I was wandering around the building looking at all the different animals. Am usually more drawn to the dogs since myself have two, however, I always breeze through the cat section. While I was looking at all the different cats, one caught my eye immediately. When you walked into the cat room, she was the first, top cage on the left. The cage had an old blanket, a litter box, and two tiny bowls of food and water.

Unlike he other cats, it broke my heart to see her in that cage. I instantly fell in love with her. A few days later, I ended up adopting her and adding her to our family. When we got her, they told us that a few years ago she was brought in by a certain family due to them moving. She then was in the S. P. CA. For a while after that. Eventually, a lady adopted her, but ended up bringing her back about a year later because of allergies. Alaska was in the shelter for almost another year by the time I adopted her. They were not sure of her age, but they assumed she was around seven years old.

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Once cats get so old or are in the shelter too long, they are put to sleep. If did not adopt her, the shelter would have put her down very soon. According to the staff, she was a perfectly healthy cat and we would have no problems. However, they were very wrong. We took her to her first vet appointment and we found out that she had feline leukemia. After running a few tests, they had determined that she was not affected by it and she was only a carrier. This means that she could eventually get sick from it, or she could spread it to other cats.

Also, we eater found out that she is deaf. Despite these issues, she appears as a normal healthy cat. I instantly fell for her because of her beauty. She has snow white long hair which makes her appear twice the size she really is. She also has b. Vivo different colored eyes. Her right eye is a vibrant yellow-green, while her left eye is a sky blue. Her little nose, the insides of her ears, as well as the pads of her paws are the softest pink color. To match, she also wears a light pink collar with a silver bell.

She is not only beautiful, but she has one of he best personalities I have ever seen a cat to have. Even though she does not get along with my dogs, like to say that she has the personality of a little puppy. Most cats keep to themselves and can go days without attention. However, she is very different. If I am not home for a few days, she will not eat or drink and when I am home, she follows every step I take. If I am home, but not with her, she will sit at the top of the stairs and meow for me until come up and see her. She also loves to chase around a little red laser light and try to catch it.

When go to bed at night, she lays right up next to my side and during the day she cuddles on my lap. When I pet her head she purrs like a small motor boat and closes her eyes. She makes me feel very calm and happy. If am having a bad day, I will just lay around and pet her and will feel better. I think I feel better because she is so beautiful and sweet that I can no longer be in a bad mood. Another thing I enjoy is that animals do not judge you, no matter what. If you take care of them, they love you. I am very thankful that I rescued her. Her name is Alaska.

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