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Diagnosis And Resulting Profile

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Do you believe that the diagnosis and resulting profile prepared by Management Analysis Corporation was a necessary step in the process of finding potentially successful general managers? Explain The profile prepared by Management Analysis Corporation is the first step in the process of finding a potentially successful of general managers, but it is not the only step. Actually, after MAC has understood very clearly the needs of Dancey Electronics, they could picture the perfect leader.

Once this was done, they could see what skills must be innate and what skills can be learned to become a leader.

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Diagnosis And Resulting Profile
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Then, MAC could propose one more interview to the candidates. For example, the candidates are faced to a concrete leadership problem, and they need to solve it very quickly. MAC should analyze reactions of the candidates and pick the best one. This means picking the person who has the best ability to change and to adapt to a new situation. So, I do not know yet if Joe Morris could be the good candidate for leading Dancey Electronics.

Moreover, I think that the analysis done by MAC is a good way to find a potentially successful group of general managers because it accually describes the ideal qualities of being an effective general manager and at the same time gives us ideas about the relationship and task orientation of each candidate along with analysis of some important environmental factors that might have some effect on their leadership style, such as the company’s expectation and the subordinated expectation for the behavior of general managers.

However, I think Management Analysis Corporation should analyze the behavior of the followers more. This way, MAC will know what leadership style would be the best for the group. What alternatives are available to modify Joe Morris’s potential effectiveness in the new general manager position? Joe Morris has a high task orientation it means he can apply an initiating structure focused on goals and results. But it is not enough to lead a team. Joe Morris has to be more relationship oriented. We know that Joe Morris has low skills in relationship orientation.

But a leader needs to communicate with his team to have an influence on the behavior of the individuals. If Joe Morris does not change, he could only be a manager, but not a leader. As we learnt in class, “leaders do the right things, managers do things right”. According to the Fielder theory, Joe Morris can make changes to be more relationship-oriented. He can spend more informal time (lunch, leisure activities) with his subordinates. He can also request particular people for work in his group. He can be a volunteer to direct difficult or troublesome subordinates.

He can suggest or affects transfers of particular subordinates into his unit. Finally, Joe Morris can raise morale by obtaining positive outcomes (special bonuses, time off, attractive jobs) for subordinates. Moreover, Joe Morris should follow a training session to discuss and analyze his leadership situation. This way, he can understand his performance and improve it. If Joe Morris increases his position of power, he could be a better leader because he would repair his lack in relationship orientation.

Why will it be difficult for Joe Morris to modify his style of leadership? Joe Morris knows how to organize and define the relationships in the group and he establishes well-defined patterns and channels of communication, and spells out ways of getting the job done. So it is a good start. But it would be difficult for him to modify his style of leadership because it is very hard to change him. Moreover, he does not have an overall insight of the company. He needs to fit in the group to eventually change.

Considering that Joe Morris is far away from a good relationship orientation, it might be very difficult for him to understand what changes he has to do to modify his style of leadership. It also may be hard for Joe Morris to change his style of leadership due to the argument against the path-goal theory whereby subordinates play a rule in the leadership style of the manager. In that, Joe Morris has a low score in relationship orientation which means that his relationship with the employees may not be as effective and efficient.

As a result, although Morris my want to change his leadership style type, employees may not be as willing to change given his low relationship orientation which therefore makes it hard for him to change his leadership style. But on the other hand, according to the Leader-Member Exchange Approach, there is no consistent leader behavior across subordinates and Joe Morris can behave in different ways with his future followers than he used to. So he may not have to change his style of leadership and still be appreciated by his followers. Therefore he will become a good leader.

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