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Difference Between Ownership and Stakeholding

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It is also important to appreciate the differences between them in terms of ownership, funding/finance, and the overall aims and objectives of major stakeholders. The Brief Task 1: A family friend has been operating his own small fashion clothing business (KHZ Fashions) that has been trading for five years. He has decided to expand the business and has asked you to research different businesses.

He wishes to explore different business types in the public and private sectors including local authority organizations and charities (as one of his options s to pursue a social-enterprise route) and because he wants to do this in a professional way, has asked you specifically to research different business types in terms of their ownership, financing, sectors, aims and stakeholders and to summaries, analyses and evaluate this information.

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Difference Between Ownership and Stakeholding
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In addition to these requirements, he is a great believer in the importance of good communication and whilst he will accept, and possibly expects you to demonstrate, a range of communication methods, for more detailed, analytical and evaluative work he insists on formal essays or reports.

All your research should be referenced and well-written in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure and presentation. You should also assume that he knows little about business therefore define and explain the meaning of all terms.

Grading Criteria. What you have to do Evidence Pl – Describe the type of business, purpose, and ownership of two contrasting businesses UP Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses MI explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organizations Del evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organization Task 1: Research the current UK business environment to explore the range of business types in the KICK.

Focusing on two contrasting organizations, describe their main purposes and goals as well as the sectors in which they operate. Identify and describe the key stakeholders and analyses their points of view relative to overall organizational goals as well as the influence they can have in achieving these goals. For one organization, evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert.

Describe two businesses in terms of their history (this can be fairly brief), where they operate (e. G. Locally, nationally etc), what they are trying to achieve (their goals), their business type (e. G. Sole trader, PL etc), how they achieve their goals (through the provision of products and/or services) and the sectors of business they are in (public or private, and primary or secondary etc). You may wish to refer to their mission statements.

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