Disadvantages of Globalization

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When you start to talk about Globalization you might be talking about a series of social, economical, technological, cultural and political changes which include a process of free movement of capital, goods, services and labor around the world. Beyond this fact there are big effects in the structure and development of the world. Globalization has negative effects in the world and it should be considered as a massive threat for the developing countries.

Firstly, globalization leads to a big unemployment rise, secondly, it deteriorates and destroys the cultural identity of societies. Although some people think that globalization will help the developing countries to raise their economy and their infrastructure, it is not quite true. Globalization leaves millions of unemployed people. For example, some countries have become a power in industry, but when production decreases countries have to implement machinery and technology replacing the manpower, and then many workers find themselves suddenly unemployed.

Furthermore, smaller companies lose their participation in market as countries prefer to buy products from well-known brands from developed countries instead of their national brands. It is true that globalization allows the cultures to have a bigger approach to other cultures and have more knowledge about them; however, it is a big threat for the native culture of societies. Developing countries are exposed to be strongly influenced by wealthy countries as they have more economic power and are more dominant in the market.

Therefore, they can produce many things that can affect other cultures, for example, clothes, movies, music and technologic products. Moreover, while globalization increases more and more people become ignorant about social, ethical and moral values, and as a result, globalization damages small cultures which are in risk of being extinct. In conclusion, unemployment and cultural degeneration are the bigger disadvantages for people’s life which their basis is globalization. In my opinion, people must be aware of this exploitation and work to be more independent from developed countries.

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