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Do Languages Help Mould the Way We Think

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Language is a good tool for expressing the speaker’s feelings. But it differs from another one in innumerable ways, just because of the ways people talk, it does not necessarily mean they think differently. The way you speak says a lot about you. Language can help mould the way we think, but just in its own ways. Therefore, even we spoke the same language, we might not think in the same way. Language is an important tool of communication. People have changed thoughts day by day base on most crucial is language.

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Do Languages Help Mould the Way We Think
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Language is used to communicate in life, work and education. For example, when adults say something, child can do follow exactly because they don’t know which is good or bad. So we must use languages shape thoughts of child follow true ways to become useful people when child were young. Language is an important part to create personalities. Moreover, every single world’s language is used for the same purpose; to exchange some information.

The aim of using language is unchanged in each culture, however the situation in which it is used and in what way, is the main difference. People from far cultures very often encounter a kin of obstacles during the process of communication, however this is not caused by language that is used. The problem is in the way it is done. Each culture has different customs, beliefs and habits and these are the factors that differentiate one’s process of thinking. Language and thought are closely related.

It is true that one can think without talking. And you have observed that some people can talk without thinking. That means they will talk and say the very first thing that comes to their mind. When we talk in that way, it is without pretence and as natural as can be. However, there is another notion that shows language to be dependent on thought for its development. A linguist stated that:” Whatever you think, there is a word; whatever you conceive, there is reason. You must need to speak it in your mind; and while you are…

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