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The Word Idea Is Used in Many Everyday Languages

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    Throughout my research there have been interesting ideas that are possessed. There are some about the different dictionaries that are used and how every definition is different in each and every book. I have also found that the word idea is used in many everyday languages and used is many different articles and poems. Finding all of this works was not a easy job but definitely fun. As one of the most important books, The Bible my word only appeared twice. There are a total of 66 books written. The Bible being the most stolen book in the United States was written to inform people about news of the real events, places, and people. My word was found in the book of John. This was about the time of good news and Jesus appears in a role of an human being.

    When I was doing my research I realized the many different religious ideas in life. I myself not being a religious person found the Bible interesting in many ways by the way it is set and the way the event are put into the bible. I also find it interesting about how many books there are and how there are so many different stories told in so many different ways.

    Shakespeare’s historical play, History of Richard III written around 1593 is about the plan King Richard III of England has to rise to power and rule England. It is believed that after a long civil war between a royal family of York and a royal family of Lancaster, they began to agree and then there was a peace between the royal families. During the Civil War, Richard III takes advantage of his skills and manipulate people into listening to his ideas and he takes over England.

    When I was doing my research I saw the real feelings that Shakespeare had for his writings. My word was in about six different plays. I also saw his ideas were connected in many plays. I also saw that Shakespeare cared about his work and wanted people to appreciate his works.

    The unabridged dictionary is a not cut short and complete dictionary which uses the full definitions of words. The unabridged dictionary called An American Dictionary of the English Language written in 1828 by Noah Webster, shows the many definitions used decades ago and now. It shows how much the definitions have really changed over time, people make new words or try to make the definitions shorter to fit standards. Many of Webster’s ideas of words have come from King James Bible. Among hundreds of words, idea in the unabridged dictionary means, “literally, that which is seen; form, image, model of anything in the mind that which is held or comprehended by the understanding or intellectual faculties (“idea” 1.a).” This word has been changed overtime to make the definition shorter and to make more sense to people. When I did my research on this word I saw all the endless amounts of words in the dictionary. This made me realize the amount of words used in the 1800s and how many words have been added on ever sense.

    The Oxford English Dictionary written and rewritten many times to make the definitions smaller and to make them match the world language changing each and every day. The first Oxford dictionary was published in 1884 when people were trying to understand a meaning of words and the world itself. Ideas were changing about the english language. The definition state in the second edition, “[i]n Platonic philosophy: a supposed eternally existing pattern or archetype of any class of things, of which the individual things in that class are imperfect copies, and from which they derive their existence (Murray).”

    While I was doing my research I found the words and the origins of the words. The definitions were longer but the history behind the words was interesting. The etymological dictionary is used to show the origin and historical development of words. The etymological dictionary was just used for Harper to write his words online but soon it just advanced into a bigger thing that more and more people used. The publisher of the etymological wanted the website to be anonymous but soon after it was just published and loads of words appeared the announced who the author was revealed. My word in the etymological dictionary states, “idea (n.)late 14c., ‘archetype, concept of a thing in the mind of God,’ from Latin idea ‘Platonic idea, archetype,’ a word in philosophy, the word (Cicero writes it in Greek) and the idea taken from Greek idea ‘form; the look of a thing; a kind, sort, nature; mode, fashion,’ in logic, ‘a class, kind, sort, species,’ from idein ‘to see,’ from PIE *widnes-ya-, suffixed form of root *weird- ‘to see.’ In Platonic philosophy, ‘an archetype, or pure immaterial pattern, of which the individual objects in any one natural class are but the imperfect copies, and by participation in which they have their being’ [Century Dictionary].”

    While doing my research I found out information about the reason the etymological was written and about the author’s life. It also has information about different nations and different people on the website. There are countless synonyms for the word idea all used in many different ways. It starts from belief all the way to believed abstraction. There are some words on this website that I believe do not connect to the word idea. For example, suspicion. This word has so many different meanings that I do not think it connects to the word idea. There are other words that I believe connect to the word idea such as a concept of something means you have an idea of it.

    A Fixed Idea by Amy Lowell written in 1910 was published in Lowell’s collection of A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass. This poem shows a girl who is falling in love with someone but soon she realizes that this love is not for her. The poem says, “You lie upon my heat as on a nest,” this means that she is talking about her feelings and how this person who she is in love with is just using her and continues to hurt her and make her feel unwanted. He is only coming to her when he needs something and when he is sad.

    When I was doing my research I found many different poems most about love and others about death but there weren’t many which really talked to you and told you about someone’s story. It just seemed like people needed to write them for a project and they seemed almost undone but the deeper down the go the more you find out and the more there is to everything.

    Wallace Stevens was one of America’s poets used a master stylist and more advance vocab unlike poets during this time. From 1879 to 1955 Stevens was writing poetry to advance his career. Among other careers he took poetry as one of his favorite things to do. Wallace Stevens wrote a book about Pre-Socratic Philosophy called Wallace Stevens and Pre-Socratic Philosophy. In his book he wrote, “All of our ideas come from the natural world: trees equal umbrellas (Wallace Stevens and Pre-Socratic Philosophy, 2013, pg 54).”

    While doing my research I found a quote in Evans Esar book of 20,000 Quips and Quotes and then I looked up the quote online to get more information about the quote. Also I found out about the life of Esar and Stevens which was interesting about how their life was. They both lived different lives but they were similar in the way that they both love poetry.

    This article was about the past time about 12,000 years ago and about how human life was different from the present. It also talks about the farming techniques that they had in the past. They also talk about the religion in the past and how people were believers and strongly religious. After it talked about human rights and what the people wanted and the individual rights that the people possessed. Lastly, the article talks about The Enlightenment and how The Enlightenment changed the way of life for people. The article states, “We’ve selected nine ideas that have changed the societies in which we live. They are presented in no order of preference or importance. The choice of what to include and what to leave out can always be challenged. For example, why isn’t Michael Faraday’s discovery of electricity included? Because electricity existed long before its discovery; it wasn’t Faraday’s idea to create it. So we’ve stayed with ideas rather than discoveries (Canada & the World, 6) .”

    While I was doing my research I found out some ideas of the past that I have never known. The article wrote interesting ideas about The Enlightenment and the past about 12,000 years ago.

    My modern song is a song that I used to listen to every waking second. When I was younger this band was my favorite band. Fun fact actually this band was my first concert. When I was looking up songs for my essay I had forgotten completely about this song. This isn’t my favorite song that they had wrote but its good one.

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