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Graphics are Visual Languages

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    A graphic designer first most ability is to have the mental capacity to go beyond the barrier, modern standard and “be able to avoid convention” ( Design Week 1 ). Creativity is a must to survive in an environment of aspiration for novelty in the graphic arts. Graphic design’s requirements level for creativity is infinite. The broader range of inspiration one person have will reduce the time of the progress, prevent cliche design and “create surprising creative solutions” ( Design Week 1 ) toward the audience. Everyone has the ability to think creatively, and everyone can exploit their creativity over time.

    The possible way to gain creativity overtime is to live a life of hard work and overcome the obstacles with creative solutions. In the creative sphere, one of the noteworthy points is that the most efficient way to produce the best product start with redefining problems before embarking on a design. Art students, judged to be the most creative, spend their first focus on ‘problem-building’. First and foremost, designers should have the ability to do a good job of reconsidering the initial problem even when they have completed their assigned tasks. Regardless of the difficulty of the task, make sure to spend enough time pondering the various approaches to that problem, listing all the most creative solutions can imagine and “ discover unexpected outcomes” ( Design Week 1 ).

    When finishing the assignment, take time to look at the whole thing, whether is it another possible way or method to enhance the product. One incorrect concept that will become a problem is creativity will come under pressure. However, research shows that spending leisure time will help relaxing and then thinking back on the issue will provide more creative solutions.The technique in creation is called incubation time, and is considered necessary in the modern creative process. Allows to dismiss all thoughts, information about the problem, to be able to add other information and avoid stereotyping.

    As simple as that, the old way of thinking about the design task is a rugged road, there will never be a discovery of a short, straight, easy way to progress. Another way to boost the creativity in designing, is to accepting other views from people, maybe people who do not have the expertise in the design industry. By doing that can also contribute to the amazingly simple ideas that create awesomeness. Receiving diverse cultures will greatly improve a designer’s creativity and generate a completely unrealistic experience. All the information located in the brain can be used to produce new ideas. There’s can’t be enough words to describe how critical and essential creativity is in graphic design.

    Throughout the experience of working as a designer, creative thinking in design will gradually increase and become one of the most powerful tool to have. Beside from having creativity as the most crucial aspect of a designer, the field require a variety of skills and personalities to be able to become successful. The most important task is not only be responsible for what the final product will look like, but also to create a clear view of how it is used and how it is created. Designers in different fields, have different skills, but the basic foundation is similar. Regular design requires the designer to consider the aesthetics, features, and many aspects of an object or process, which frequently require combination of research, reflection, simulation, interaction, and design. The most basic personality to have is perseverance; it is the key to accomplish goals, continuous dedication and hard work will always bring good results.

    Practical skills such as hand drawing and “a keen sense of public taste” ( Mark Delaney 1 ) is essential. A real design process starts in the brain and then get transform into paper. To have photo editing and photography knowledges generate better quality product compare to using other’s unoriginal images. Using graphics software, combine all the elements of design are some of the few skills that require must have to work in the industry. Beside from personal skills, teamwork skills will be very helpful. Working in this field, there will be many opportunities to collaborate with people such as filmmakers, artists, writers,… Teamwork skills are required to assist others, unite all the ideas and conduct a high quality product. Communication is almost necessary for all careers, especially for regular work with clients and partners such as a graphic designer.

    To be able to have all of those skills show love, emotion and respect “You need to know what you like” ( Design Week 2 ) is important. This is one of the important steps, not only with the designers, it applies to all fields of science, engineering and life. Love what you do and it will help you tremendously when creating a great product. Having the emotion to be a good designer and creating impressive art products is really helpful, it keeps increase inspiration and create motivation to work harder, make better and memorable products. The field of graphic design has much to learn and to create new things and try to penetrate into some of the areas you love most. To succeed, there is no risk.

    Mistakes are part of the process of achieving great results. Good designers will learn from their mistakes. Transform mistakes into the precious experience of yourself. It is important to look at faults with caution and draw something really useful to keep going. An excellent designer can be different from the rest when they are constantly learning new things. There is a lot of information, new techniques, new trends are waiting for to get explore and research to be able to apply. Inspiration comes from all over, architecture, industry, design, art, sculpture and so much in this creative industry. The truth is that the design will get better and better as the knowledge base is expand. Design is an attribute available and it is not a skill that comes from being born, it “perceived as a highly motivated practice” ( Design Week 1 ).

    It is a feature derived from continuous dedication from experience and from the extremely difficult work put in understanding and learning the fundamentals of design and using it effectively. Graphics are visual languages that include balance, harmony, shape, color, content. Not only that, but it is also a language that contains many symbols, cultures, and perspectives. A design can appeal to the viewer by its appearance and the meaning it holds. Beside skills, a good designer also needs experience and good cultural background. Design are the subliminal messages that people encounter everyday. Rather than a direct influence, graphic design impacts everyday life through advertising and more.

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