Do males and females have different abilities when estimating size?

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Research on gender differences have been done by scientist for a very long time. The experiment we’ve done is to test if there is any difference between males and females on estimating size, which we strongly believed that males are better than females. Five objects used in the experiment. The five objects were given to the people who were involved in the experiment to estimate size. The actual result we got was same with our hypothesis that males are better than females when estimating size. Introduction

My hypothesis is that male teenagers estimate size better than female teenagers and this gap is noticeably big. Research Methodology

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The plan to measure this research is collecting data from 20 subjects, every subject estimate the lengths of five objects and tell me their answer. These 20 subjects need to conclude 10 male and 10 female to balance the result. The result will directly indicate whether male can estimate size better than female teenager. Research Results

The chart shows the difference between male and female. Every two column is the difference of same object by male and female (male on the left and female on the right). The smaller these valuesare the better subject estimate length.These five objects are dining card, Tracis’s height, shoe, IPhone 4s and pen. Among these five objects, male have get better result 3 times, rather than 2 times of women. Also, this chart shows a strange phenomenon that when estimating the length of shoes, no matter male or female both get a relatively error. Discussion

When estimating length of dining card, the average answer of male is 8 centimeter while female get an average of 7.65 centimeter. The actual length of dining card is 8.5 centimeter. In this case, male certainly get better result, but the gap is not huge. The hugest gap showed in table is estimating length of shoe.Male get 4.3 centimeter of error while female get 5.1 centimeter of error. Among the five objects, man get better result, but the gender difference is not as big as I thought. From many research, we can assume that there is a difference between male and female’s talent. I always get the impression that male are better at sense real world while female are better at sense imagine feeling.

Male are always more clear about what’s happening around them, like where are they going, how long this distance is. But male are only one time better than female in this research.

There are also many things can affect the result. One is that the longer people observe object, the more accurate he can estimate length of it. This seems reasonable because you can rememorize more objects whose size you already know and compare them to the object in your hand. Another thing is that people are easy to be influenced by others. People’s answers are always close to what the previous man said.

Furthermore, the trend that people estimating length of shoe with more error may attribute to the shape of shoe. The result shows that people estimate object with a more regular shape better.Also, people always get a smaller result than the object really is.

However, there is some part this research needs to improve. The range of sample is been limit to a small area, which are 16 years old from a school in Beijing. With more samples from bigger age groups and locations, the result might be different. Also, it should more standardized, like set a time of answering or ask each person previously to prevent others heard the answer. Conclusions and Recommendations

In conclusion, males can do the estimate better than females. This result may give others a hint to adapt male’s answer when estimating something. However, female do need to be concerned. Many scientists believed that there is big difference between male and female’s brains and this ability of estimating size can be trained to become better.This study can be used to design software in estimating size, like a train program. Appendices

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