Do Television Advertisements Make Consumers

Television advertisements may use skinny models, which can give young women a ensue that they need to be thin and cause them to feel Insecure about their appearance. Some girls will go to extreme lengths to look like a model in a magazine. They might go on extreme diets, which can lead to anorexia and bulimia, and many other types of disorders. Doing so would also cause harm to their body; their organs could become damaged and could fail, or they could become hospitalized due to the fact that they are malnourished; but also, these advertisements can make people feel stressed about their body type.

The models in the advertisements for cloths are skinny, and this can make girls think that their body is not beautiful. Those advertisements can make them feel unattractive or unworthy. Advertisements today are telling young adults that they need to be skinny to be beautiful or attractive. Advertisements in magazines and on television are exploiting the need for young people to be attractive. When teenagers and women see a model who is in their definition if “gorgeous”, they might think that what they are seeing is the definition of attractiveness.

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For example, teenagers feel the need to look a certain way. They will buy products that will eliminate acne or reduce it. Acne is a natural part of being a teenager. There are advertisements that show products for facial hair removal. Humans have hair all over their bodies, so why remove a little hair on your face? The answer to that question is that facial hair can be annoying and unappealing. However, people need to accept that it will be there to stay. Teenagers and women but cosmetic products to look better then they already do.

Cosmetic products can vie them a false sense of beauty, which can dullness their self-esteem. Advertisements also use skinny models that look beautiful and young. Young people wish to look like that, but they could make drastic measures to do so. Magazine and television advertisements are giving young adults a sense of false beauty. Young adults may spend more money than they have to on unnecessary products. Advertisements, whether they are In magazines or on television, promote products that young adults would like to buy, but most of these products are ridiculously over priced.

The product “Lola Total Effects” cream product can be up thirty dollars and over. Young adults will spend that much to have one bottle of said product. Young adults do not realize that they might be spending more money than they have on When thy use credit, they may not know how much they are spending, and it can add up on the bill. Eventually, they will see that they have spent, but in may be too late. Magazine, radio, and television advertisements tell people to buy products that are over priced causing the consumer to spend money unwisely.

Today’s, advertisements re telling young people to spend more time on buying, and fusing over products that could turn them into the perfect person that they see on advertisements. Advertisements can also make people feel uncomfortable or insecure about their bodies. These advertisements can also exploit the need for young people to look a certain way and to feel attractive. In turn, can cause them to misuse their money in the products that advertisement are telling them to buy. The advertisements in the world today are making young people change drastically for the wrong reasons.

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