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    Dr. Phil McGraw has a show on CBS in which he gives people advice on their jobs. Dr. Phil claims that he can give this advice on the evidences that he is an expert in how people communicate. In this peculiar episode “Money or Marriage? ” of Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil tries to assist a dysfunctional household be more functional. He plans to make this by acquiring the female parent to esteem her boy and her son’s determinations and besides to acquire the boy to get down working for himself and non depend so much on his female parent for money.

    Social Exchange Theory

    Social Exchange Theory forces people to look at their relationships in footings of costs and wagess. By looking at a relationship in these footings it allows the participants in the relationship to find if the relationship is deserving being in. based on how much the relationship is either giving them or taking away from them. A cost is anything that is non good or negative in a relationship. Costss can both be large and little and non all costs are weighed out the same. For illustration some people might see holding to pick there spouse up for work as a cost. but most people would state that if that spouse where to rip off on the other that the cost of being cheated on would be much greater so merely holding to pick them up from work. Wagess are anything that is seen as good or a positive in a relationship. Geting flowers or holding person else do the dishes. being told that you are loved can be seen as a wages. Like costs. non all wagess are weighed equally. It is possible to hold 5 costs and merely 1 wages but if that wages adds adequate “good” so it can do to outweigh the costs. This can besides be reversed though and 5 wagess can easy be outweighed by 1 cost.

    Not all costs will be costs for all people and non all wagess will be wagess for all people. An illustration of this is if you like chocolate bar but your spouse doesn’t. you could see this perchance as a cost or a wages. You could detest it that the other individual doesn’t like cocoa bar because every clip you go out you have to pass money on two comeuppances. You could besides see it as a wages because you could love the fact that the other individual doesn’t like cocoa bar because it shows that she is a different individual and that difference helps to convey diverseness into the relationship. It truly all depends on personal penchant and who you are. Costss and wagess change though. what you one time saw as a cost you can now see as a wages or frailty versa. That giggle that you thought was truly cunning 2 months ago might now sound like Satan himself sniggering from the deepnesss of snake pit.

    In this episode of the Dr. Phil Show. Dr. Phil try’s to acquire Pierre to see the costs and the wagess for Pierre relationship with his female parent. Dr. Phil believes that it is clip for Pierre to travel on and that the relationship is no longer healthy. Dr. Phil in the terminal wants Pierre to see that how is mother treats him as a adult male is more of a cost so the money that Pierre female parent gives him is a wages. What Dr. Phil fails to see is that what people consider to be a cost and a wages is different from individual to individual. so by Dr. Phil stating Pierre that his relationship with his female parent is more of a cost so a wages is presuming that Dr. Phil knows precisely how Pierre has prioritized his cost and wagess. It is really possible that Pierre views the money him mom gives him as more of a wages so the manner his female parent treats his adult male goon.

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