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The protagonist in Drinking Coffee Elsewhere is struggling with a crisis of identity as she tries to figure out if she is gay or straight. She has been hiding her true feelings and pretending not to like anyone, but she is starting to fall in love with Heidi. The orientation games at Yale help to reveal her distrust and hatred of others. The story ends with the narrator imagining Heidi knocking on her door, signaling that it is time for her to put down her hate and fakeness and learn to love others. Love is portrayed as important for a good relationship, but sex is also necessary. The protagonist comes from a poor family with an unhealthy family dynamic, and she is haunted by her mother’s death. She is unsure of what career path to take and prefers to be alone. The story contrasts with Super Goat Man, where the protagonist is trying to move on from his past and find his place in the world.

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Yes, she is having a crisis of identity, that crisis is that she is pretending to not like no one but the truth is that she is not sure if she is gay or straight. There is more than one identity of herself that she is struggling, as she said she like nobody but she mentioned she had a crush on the boy with that pair of nice shoes and now she is starting to love Heidi, she is hiding herself from people especially from the whites.

The orientation games a fitting beginning for the story because through the games, the author can show how she hates and not trusting other people. Also, the game that asking her what object she wanted to be shows her sophisticated mind, giving an insane impression of how she is to readers.

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I think the author ends the story with the narrator imaging Heidi knocking on her door and saying open up because the narrator thinks that it is the time for her to put down all the hate and all the fakeness that she relied on these years, it is time for her to be happy and start to learn to love others. It seems that she felt she is too lonely or it is time for her to overcome the scars created from her mother’s death.

Basing on both of the story, love does not equal sex, but both of them are necessary for a good relationship. Using courting a monk as an example, the couple in the story had love each other in the earlier stage in the story, but as the get married they got to have sex to maintain the good relationship.

Moving on drinking coffee elsewhere, the narrator and Heidi started to love each other and they slept together for the whole winter, but they have never had sex as the narrator is overly protecting herself, and so when time moves on, they broke up because their relationship is not complete without a suitable amount of sex. )In this story, the narrator came from a poor family with unhealthy family relationship.

The narrator in this story wants to get back in the pass and correct the things that she did wrong and things that she regretted to do, she is good enough to get into yale but then she does not have anything in mind of what she wanted to be as she got a scar created y her mom’s death, she just wanted to be a lone and does not trust anybody. While thee super goat man come from a normal family and the narrator wants to get along with his pass and move on.

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