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Drugs and The Facts

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Drugs are one of the biggest problems in society today. The use of these illegalsubstances have increased over the years at an alarming rate and can all be fatal to aperson’s health, and life. In this report, I have chosen to look at Acid, a hallucinogenand Cocaine, a fatal stimulant.

Acid, also known as LSD or Trips comes as tiny pieces of card and it is a mind drug.

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Drugs and The Facts
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Being a hallucinogen, it distorts the mind and how a person thinks.

The physcialeffects are minimal as it works on the psychological part of the brain more than thephysical. Using Acid can cause the person to feel disoriented, depressed and filledwith panic. Sensations of the drug subside after six to eight hours, but the whole “trip”takes a minimum of twelve hours to lift fully.

Cocaine, on the other hand, is a stimulant that is derived from the cocoa plant. It canbe snorted but cannot be smoked, although freebase cocaine can be smoked.

Aminimal dosage will cause the users body temperature to rise but a larger dose canlead to heart attack, respitory collapse or burst blood vessels. Other behaviouralproblems can include violence, dizziness and loss of concentration. Use of cocaine ona regular basis can lead to what is knwon as cocaine psychosis, which is a mentalproblem that can happen after one high dosage of cocaine. Symptoms of thisdisturbance include hearing voices and feelings of paranoia.

Drugs are a serious problem that are a part of many people’s lives. While people are taking drugs continuously, society can only hope for a better future.

Dolly, September 2001 issue, Australia, pp 50-53Words/ Pages : 262 / 24

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